Professional tips for moving from California to Pennsylvania during winter

Moving from California to Pennsylvania is not easy when weather conditions are great. But if you have to do it during the winter it might be much harder. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. You will be able to prepare for this relocation and to do everything like a pro after reading this. The key to a successful relocation is preparation and finding adequate help. The more time you have to prepare for a move the easier it will be for you. So, relax and read on.

Preparations for moving from California to Pennsylvania

As we mentioned before preparation is the most important thing. It’s great if you have the time but there is a way to speed things up too. We will talk more about that later. Now, let’s focus on the vital part of the preparations for your California to Pennsylvania move – decluttering. Yes, even though decluttering is something people usually do once a year and during spring we strongly suggest that you do declutter before packing. If you do this packing will be much easier and you are less likely to forget anything. Also, you will be rid of all the unnecessary items you own which means you will have less to pack. There is no need to bring useless items to Pennsylvania with you.

packing for moving from California to Pennsylvania
Packing will be easier if you do this first.

Do you need some help to declutter?

Decluttering your whole home might take some time. Especially if you live in a big place and have a lot of household items. If you think this task might be a bit too much for you ask for help! Involve other family members into this process or simply call your friends to help you out. That way the job will get done much quicker and it can be a bonding experience as well. Add some pizza and cool music and it will be a great experience. Winters can be boring anyway so there is a chance your friends are already home doing nothing so give them a call.

Use the apps to help you prepare and pack before moving from California to Pennsylvania

We are so lucky to live in 2022. Modern technology now is so amazing that your phone can be like a real skilled personal assistant. Thanks to the apps you can be a real logistics pro. For this upcoming journey of yours, we suggest you download some moving and packing apps to help you with organization and many other things. They can help with making checklists, finding reliable professional movers like and most of them have reminders and alarms. Most of those apps are free to use so there is nothing to lose by downloading them.

A person looking at applications on a mobile phone
There is an app for everything nowadays.

Packing tips

If you pack correctly unpacking will be much easier later on and of course, all your household belongings will be safe during the relocation. Adequate material is essential, of course. Bubble wrap for example is great for keeping your breakables safe. The best way to start packing is by gathering all the packing materials you have on you and then going shopping. No one wants to go a few times, especially if it’s cold outside. Pro tip – instead of buying moving boxes consider renting plastic bins. That is also good for the environment. When it comes to packing it would be smart to start packing small and breakable items first and work your way up. Leave the furniture for last since you can’t do much with it anyways. Another good tip is to pack by room. Those tips are here to help you unpack quickly.

Professional help that can come in handy for your California to Pennsylvania move

The only way to have a stress-free relocation during winter is by hiring professional movers. Heavy lifting can be dangerous even when the weather is nice. If the roads are icy and slippery it can be extremely dangerous. Heavy lifting done by experts is the only way for everyone to be safe and the job to be done right. So leave them this part of the job and you can focus on more important matters.

A professional mover among cardboard boxes.
Movers can also help you with packing.

Moving day and moving day bag

Moving day is usually the most exciting one. It can also be a handful if the weather is problematic. By that, we mean if the roads are icy or if there is a lot of snow. Make sure to be prepared well for this day. You need to be dressed appropriately too. You should also prepare a moving day bag. That is a bag packed especially to help you get through this day. In it, you should pack everything you feel you might need today. Don’t forget a warm and comfy set of change clothes too! Wet wipes, food, snacks, drinks, gel sanitizer, and face masks can also be quite handy to have in your moving day bag. You will know the best what you and your family need for this day. Winters in California might not be harsh but Pennsylvania is much different weather vise.

Settling in

It’s important to unpack as quickly as possible. Even if you are tired. If there is some remodeling needed in your new home leave it for spring and focus on unpacking. If you packed good chances are the unpacking won’t be very hard. Labeling moving boxes can come in quite handy when the time comes to unpack. That way you don’t have to think which box is which since they all look alike. Of course, if you have way too many items you can contact local movers to help you with unpacking and settling in. The reason why it’s important to do it right away is so you can start your new life in Pennsylvania as soon as possible.

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