Most affordable family-friendly Pennsylvania counties

Raising a family anywhere in the world can be quite costly. We all want to give our children everything we never had. Starting from basic things like toys to the best education. So it is quite understandable why you are looking to move to the best and most affordable counties in Pennsylvania. When the costs of living are lower or the property is cheaper you can afford some other things. Things you might not be able to in an expensive place like New York. So let’s check out the most affordable and family-friendly Pennysylvania counties.

Affordable Pennsylvania counties

Forrest County is the first on our list as the most affordable place in Pennsylvania to live with your family. This is not your fancy glamorous place where young people like to gather. This is a small county with just over 7000 people, but because of that, it is peaceful. Also, really nice nature if you are outdoorsy family.

Somerset County is a bigger county, but still pretty affordable. Somerset is a great place to live. Best of all, schools are above average witch is important for you if you have kids. The good news for teenagers, they have a great Somerset shopping mall.

Elk County is named after their biggest attraction. People from all over the PA come to see the elk. Also, you can see the moose there. Another great county that is quite affordable.

Delaware County can offer you some good jobs. This is considered to be a safe place to live in PA although there are no official FBA Crime Statistics. It’s about 22 miles from Philadelphia. Some of the best places to live in Delaware are Arden, Bellefonte, and Middletown. Make sure to check them all out.

A lake in one of the most affordable Pennsylvania counties.
No matter what Pennsylvania county you choose, nature will be great for exploring.

Moving to Pennsylvania

Relocating here can be easy with a little bit of help. You can do it all by yourself of course but make sure to contact experts if you need any help. Moving can be stressful and this can be your easy way out. Moving companies can offer you all the help you might need starting from packing services to relocating and even storage.

How to prepare

You can start with decluttering before you even start packing. This will help you later on. There is no need to bring unuseful stuff with you. When you start packing label everything. This will help you with unpacking. Even downloading moving apps can help you stay on top if you are not that good at organizing.

A dog in a cardboard moving box.
Make sure to get good quality boxes, they will be keeping your household items safe.

Good luck

Another thing, while house hunting – hiring a real estate agent might help you to find the best possible home for the best price. Make sure that you include all family members in this decision. Good luck and hopefully soon you will be enjoying your new life in one of those counties. Explore them all before making a final decision.

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