How to inspect a house before buying it

It’s crucial to inspect a house before buying it. What you see when house hunting may not be what you get. There will be lots of shiny surfaces and decorative flourishes like bright flowers, new paint, granite counters, and hardwood flooring. You might not be able to spot the fractures in the foundation, old plumbing, unsafe wiring, malfunctioning appliances, and other problems that would be uncovered by a professional house inspection.

Home inspection

You can engage a professional to look over the house and compile a report detailing its principal systems, their current condition, any urgent repairs that need to be made, and any ongoing maintenance that will be necessary after you move in. If you’re a buyer, you may learn more about the property’s condition. You can also learn whether or not it’s been properly maintained from the inspection report. If you’re not happy with the state the house is in, you can ask the seller to fix it. Or if they can offer you money to cover the expense of renovations at closing.

a person trying to inspect a house
We do not recommend you inspect a house on your own. Hire a professional.

Home inspector

It’s important to check your state’s regulations before hiring a home inspection. It takes experience, training, and passing an exam for an inspector to earn a license in the states of Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. Inspecting in Georgia does not necessitate a license. You can ask your realtor for recommendations. They know all inspectors in the area. It’s also a good idea to do some independent research on inspectors. Ask for referrals from people you know and trust, such as current or potential neighbors.

Communication is key

Check the inspectors’ references. Communicate with them to learn if they felt the inspector was thorough and receptive to their concerns. Then you can start researching movers. Locals can jump in once the time comes for you to unpack and settle in.

shaking hands
You will need reliable people to inspect a house and to move to one if you like it.

Hiring someone reliable to inspect a house

Requesting a sample report from a prospective inspector is a great way to gauge the quality of their work before committing to hiring them full-time. The length of some reports might reach 100 pages or more, and many of them also have images. Aside from that one, most reports only consist of checkboxes and maybe a few lines of explanation.

The length of a report isn’t indicative of its quality. Instead, you should exercise caution if it is difficult to understand. Make sure you clarify with the inspector exactly what will be checked and what won’t. Make sure the home inspection covers the precise areas of your concerns and priorities.

You should negotiate a certain number of days into the contract to inspect a house. Your timeline could be as short as a few days if the surrounding homes are moving quickly.  When a person who is selling accepts your offer, you can immediately schedule a home inspection. Do it by calling the inspector you’ve chosen in advance. In the spring, when more house sales occur, there may be a shortage of qualified inspectors.


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