What to pack for a family move from Florida to Pennsylvania

The most important thing for a family move from Florida to Pennsylvania is to prepare well. Packing is a big part of that so we will focus a bit on that today! If you have the time you will be able to prepare well and do everything right. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry – there is a way to pack quickly. We will show you that too. The most important thing here is to remain calm no matter how hectic the relocation looks now. We know that if you have kids it can look extremely hectic but it’s not really, only seems that way. Read on and we will break it down to you step by step and by the end, you will be able to do this like a pro.

Before you start packing for a family move from Florida to Pennsylvania

This is something very beneficial and you should do it unless you are in a hurry. We are talking about decluttering. This is a great way to get rid of all the unnecessary items you don’t need or use. That way you won’t be bringing them to Pennsylvania. Experts claim that we should be doing decluttering once or twice a year. That may sound a bit excessive but it’s a good method and you won’t end up with “dust-collecting items”. For the items you decide you no longer want/need think about recycling, donating, or selling.

A person counting money for a family move from Florida to Pennsylvania.
If you sell some of the items you no longer use – you can earn some money and with that pay for the packing material.

Use the advantages of modern technology

There is an app for just about anything you can think of nowadays. Which is great really. As you can imagine there is plenty of apps to choose from that can help you with packing and moving. Dolly, Lugg, Shyft Moving, and GetMoved are just some of them. Those apps have reminders, checklists but also can help you find reliable movers like bigmansmoving.com. Most of the apps are free to use so there is no reason not to try them out. Especially if they can be of help when relocation approaches.

A smartphone and pink pieces of paper with social network icons on them.
There is an app for just about anything you can think of now.

Packing and what to leave behind

When it comes to what to leave behind you should know that not everything you need in Florida will be useful in Pennsylvania. Also, you can buy there everything you can in Florida and if not, you can ship it to your new home. Don’t worry if you leave something behind by accident. The weather in those two states is different so you might want to factor that in too! If you have a toddler you might want to consider leaving the baby bottles for good! That’s only if you are ready for the next step – sippy cups. You can use this relocation as a growing-up curve. Check out room by room and see everything you want to bring. If you have done decluttering prior to this, the packing will be much easier.

Packing made easy

Since we are talking about simplifying packing here is another tip – hire professional movers. They can do it in no time and you will be able to focus on other important matters. If you find skilled people to handle transfer and packing, you will be having an easy and stress-free relocation. That is a great achievement. If you are traveling out of state with kids, then hiring movers is the best choice. You will have your hands full with kids as it is. If the kids are older you also need to deal with explanations why you are moving and ease their tantrums if they occur.

If you are doing the packing on your own

Here are a few useful tips if you decide to do the packing for a family move from Florida to Pennsylvania on your own:

  • ask kids to pack their own toys (if they are old enough)
  • pack small and breakable items first
  • label all moving boxes
  • make checklists on the way so you don’t forget anything
  • ask friends and family to help you out so you can do this quickly
  • pack by rooms – that will make unpacking much easier
  • consider renting plastic bins instead of buying moving boxes
  • don’t forget to download those apps
  • use vacuum bags for clothes

Packing for moving day

Yes, you need to pack for moving day separately. Especially if you have kids – it’s important to be prepared. You will need a lot of things along the way and food, snacks, and drinks are the most important of all. Kids tend to be very hengry ( hungry and angry at the same time) on the road. So, as you can see this is something you need to prepare. Also, wet wipes, gel sanitizer for the hands, a spare set of clothes, and meds (if one of you uses some) should be packed and somewhere near. You know your family best and you will know what you need to pack for this road. We just covered some basics here. If the kids get carsick often talk to their pediatrician about meds. Nowadays that can be solved with a few pills, just make sure to consult a medical professional first.

A couple packing foa a family move from Florida to Pennsylvania.
Movers can do all the packing for you.

Settling in

This is the last thing you need to do until you are officially relocated from Florida to Pennsylvania. You need to unpack and settle in. If you packed correctly and labeled everything this shouldn’t be a big problem. Also, if you are in a hurry to unpack or you are simply tired movers can also help you with this part! They can unpack you in no time. Seeking professional help is always good. Especially if time is of the essence. Good luck with your upcoming relocation and we sincerely hope this text helped you to master your packing skills – if not leave that to movers.

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