Questions you should ask your Movers before Signing a Moving Contract

There are a lot of things you should ask your movers before signing a moving contract. You surely know that with a good moving company you will get premier moving and storage services. However, the moving deal protects both sides. Before you sign a moving contract, you should inform yourself about a few essential things.

Essential info

  • First, you should know about safety – if the moving company provides the best control during the process;
  • You should ask your movers before signing a moving contract about the organization – at least as information;
  • Time of moving is significant, so do not hesitate to inform you about it – and provide a stress-free moving experience.
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There are lot of things you should ask movers

You should ask your movers before signing a moving contract about the license and documentation

There is a list of things that a company must have to organize moving. It means that you should ask for details that demand law and legislation from them. In most cases, the license is proof that the company works well. However, you should ask for other documents that they have, so make sure of their professionalism.

Ask for license

It should be the first question that you need to ask your movers. No matter how professional they are, there are always scam companies that could make your money. So, avoid it and ask for the proper license and other documentation they should have. Good companies have copies of those documents on the wall.

Ask for insurance and protection

It is essential for long-distance moving, but you can ask in any other circumstance. Good companies will protect them first, and you as a client. However, they could offer you proper insurance for a favorable price. It means that you will get the best service and protection from them.

Experience is significant

Like in any other job, you will need to know if the company has experience in moving. It does not mean that they should have a long history of working. However, doing a job professionally implies that they can predict all troubles and barriers. It also presumes a long list of satisfied customers.

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Quickly repeat all items in the contract before signing it

Other questions you should ask your movers before signing a moving contract

No matter how simple your move should be, do not sign an agreement before asking a few questions. They include practical information, like the time of moving. However, you can ask much more serious problems like the organization and plan of your moving. The way they act when answering shows how professional they are.

How long will moving take

You should know that information, so organize your time and moving correctly. It is essential to remember that the client has the right to get this information. The company cannot give you a precise time, though. They will say estimated time and planned time of finishing the job. You should know that most of the things depend on you and your packing, too. If you think that you will travel long, you should prepare games to play in the car with kids on long journeys.


Every plan must include options because bad things always happen. You cannot predict everything, so make sure that you know how to organize your time. It is essential to prepare resolutions even before mistakes happen. It will surely spare you from stress and problems.

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