Best cities in Pennsylvania according to senior New Jerseyans

Seniors will find pretty much everything they need to start a new life in Pennsylvania. PA will offer them affordable costs of living, great housing options, and lots of things to see and do. In other words, seniors from New Jersey will have the opportunity to enjoy lots of benefits. Still, before you become a resident and begin exploring this state, take your time to prepare for a big move. So, stick around for a while to discover which are some of the best cities in Pennsylvania that senior New Jerseyans simply adore!

Apart from that, you’ll also collect some tips and tricks that can simplify your senior move from NJ to PA. Therefore, take your time to properly get yourself ready for this upcoming relocation. Also, be aware of the reasons why seniors from New Jersey love Pennsylvania, and learn how to set up moving arrangements, equip for the house hunt, etc. Thanks to that homework, you will have everything you need to pull off this move!

Seniors on the phone searching for some of the best cities in Pennsylvania to move to.
You should know that Pennsylvania has lots of great locations to offer to seniors!

Narberth is, for sure, one of the best cities in Pennsylvania for seniors

If you are planning to reside in a small and charming area, you might want to opt for living in Narberth! This outstanding space is home to a peaceful environment and family-friendly surroundings. You’ll love its streets, neighborhood block parties, etc. Also, Narberth is close to Philly, the Delaware River, New Jersey, and so on. In Narberth, you will have a chance to have fun in great restaurants, events, etc.

So, if you think Narberth can be your new home, do not hesitate and move there. Thanks to a website like, you’ll find everything you need to execute that relocation project and do whatever is necessary to leave New Jersey. So, whenever you start planning the move, check it out. There, you’ll see lots of useful tricks that can help you organize and perform relocation. You’ll find out how to create a timeline for moving, collect packing hacks, etc. In other words, thanks to those tips, you can expect to take care of your senior move like a pro.

If you enjoy the countryside, pick Blue Bell to become your new home

In case you like spending time outdoors and you want to keep active, you’re probably thinking of living somewhere in the countryside. And when it comes to Pennsylvania, you should know that Blue Bell can be a great option to choose to become your new home. This place is a mix of the suburban and the countryside, so you can expect to have a little bit of both worlds. You see, in Blue Bell, you’ll love the quiet environment, the affordable costs of living and housing, etc. You can enjoy the company of other retirees, you’ll find this area walkable and easy to get around, and so on. 

Also, you should know that Blue Bell is one of the best places to buy a ranch in Pennsylvania. So, if you are planning on living on a farm and growing vegetables or taking care of animals, this can be your ideal location for starting a new life!

Rural area in PA.
As you can see, you can easily find some of the best cities in Pennsylvania that can be perfect for settling down!

Reasons why senor New Jerseyans love living in Philadelphia

  • First of all, Philadelphia has everything you need to keep an eye on your health! Here, you will have a chance to work with specialists who will be happy to help you feel healthy and happy.
  • Seniors from New Jersey love living in the city of Philadelphia because it offers a wide range of residential options! For instance, you can opt to live in an assisted living facility, apartment, house, etc. For an affordable price, your new home can be whatever you want.
  • Also, Philly will offer great neighborhoods for seniors. Therefore, your next residence can be in Chestnut Hill, Washington Square West, etc. 
  • You probably know this, but you can expect to never run out of things to do in Philadelphia. With that said, you better prepare yourself for checking out lots of events. You will have a chance to see amazing shows during the Christmas and Easter times of the year. Apart from that, when it comes to the summer season, you’ll enjoy lots of music concerts, and more. 
  • As for the fun activities in Philadelphia, you can always try crafting, gardening, cooking, etc. 

Allentown is also one of the best cities in Pennsylvania for seniors

You won’t make a mistake if you pick Allentown to become your new home as well! You should know that this is quite an attractive location for retirees. In Allentown, seniors will enjoy various events, attractions, and activities. Also, if you like spending time outdoors, you will have lots of parks at your disposal, you can easily reach the Lehigh River, and so on. 

Anyhow, since you are about to live in PA, it would be great to explore some other areas in this state as well. So, to do that, use the help of New Jerseyan’s guide to Pennsylvania. There, you’ll discover which are some of the most interesting spots for visiting, etc. You see, as a newcomer, you’ll find those locations quite interesting for checking out. So, once you move to Allentown, prepare yourself for exploring Pennsylvania!

Pittsburgh, PA.
Pittsburgh also has everything that senior New Jerseyans might require to settle down!

Come to Pittsburgh 

Pittsburgh is highly recommended for seniors, so if you have a chance to move here, do not waste it! This city will offer you lower costs of living, housing, and entertainment. Therefore, for a reasonable price, you can expect to find a home that suits your demands. Seniors also love living in Pittsburgh because it offers above-average access to healthcare. Apart from that, your new lifestyle will be filled with chances to spend time outdoors, exploring nature, etc. You’ll also enjoy great amenities, cultural events, attractions, activities, and so on. In other words, it is no wonder why Pittsburgh is one of the best cities in Pennsylvania according to senior New Jerseyans!

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