Checklist for moving with a newborn

When it comes to moving with your family from one place to another, it is very difficult to achieve everything and stay calm. But when you’re moving with a baby, this problem is even bigger! It’s kinda funny when you think about it. The smaller the child, the bigger the moving problems. There is no formula or magic trick to make moving easier, but you can try some steps and tips to make your move enjoyable. Like this checklist for moving with a newborn, we made for you! Just check it out!

Newborns are sensitive

And they like their routine. But the move will certainly shake up that routine. The most important thing is the child’s comfort, so try to make everything run smoothly from that side. The planning and the entire move alone takes a lot of time and you have to put in a lot of work. And the child must not be neglected. For this reason, you must plan your move much earlier than the date of the move itself. And it must be thorough and error-free!

Moving with a newborn

During the journey, if it is an international move, be prepared for frequent stops. Record your child’s favorite songs, if any, and play them along the way. Pack everything you might need – toys, a cradle, diapers, and other necessities so that they are at hand both during the trip and when unpacking. Here are some other things to put on your checklist:

A black paper with a plan written on it
Try to stick to a plan

Box-up non-essentials first

This includes extra clothes, shoes, toys, and other items that are not necessary for the move. You may want to pack these items separately in a suitcase or in a storage container. This will make unpacking much easier. Also, we recommend packing these things last.

Put baby essentials in a box to take with you

You may want to pack the essential items in one or two separate boxes or bags. These should be the items you’ll need during the moving process and will want to take with you in a car. Here is our checklist:

  • diapers
  • wet wipes
  • food/formula
  • water
  • pacifier/sippy cup/bottle
  • blanket
  • thermometer/medicines

Be aware of safety concerns

If you’re thinking about a DIY move and renting a van, keep in mind that they usually don’t have a backseat for your baby’s car seat. That’s why it’s better to leave this to professionals, and drive the baby safely in your car. So if you’re thinking about hiring professionals, find the best combination for your needs.  Also, you want to keep all the sharp and potentially dangerous objects away from your kid’s reach. That means that if you’re going by your car, you put all of those stuff in a moving truck.

Pro tip:

When you get to your new home, the first thing to unpack should be your kid’s room/nursery. Giving your child a calm and consistent space helps them adjust to their new surroundings. It would be even better if you could do it a day or two in advance, so you don’t have to rush.

A mom holding two kids and reading about moving with a newborn
Inform yourself online

Buckle up and get ready for the ride!

No one says that moving with a newborn is easy. But you can pull it off. Just find professional movers to help you, so you can have more time to focus on your sweet baby and its needs. Enjoy!

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