How to make a family move from Memphis to Philadelphia enjoyable

If you have ever moved before you certainly know how stressful moving house can be. There are plenty of tasks that need to be done to finish the process on time without any complications. And most of the tasks are physically challenging and require some kind of assistance. That is especially the case when you are moving with a family. Whether there are three of you or ten, you all need to be included in the process for it to be done without being as stressful. And if you are relocating from one state to another, moving with a family becomes even more stressful. That is what we are here to tell you more about. If you want to make a family move from Memphis to Philadelphia enjoyable and less stressful, you came to the right place. This helpful guide will tell you everything you need to know to make a family move from Memphis to Philadelphia easy to handle for the whole family.

Talk to your family about the move

The first thing you need to have in mind at all times is that you need to have good communication with your family for your relocation to be enjoyable. We are talking about moving from one state to another. Even though they are close to each other, this is still a long-distance move. This means that it certainly won’t be easy handling this move. This is why talking about everything during this time and this process with the people you live with is important. Especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to finish the move.

Children sitting with toys.
You can include small children in the moving process in order to make it more enjoyable for all of you.

Create a moving plan

Once you and your family agree on how you are going to go about moving from Memphis to Louisiana, you need to sit and create a moving plan. Moving without a moving plan is not a good idea, especially when moving interstate. There are plenty of things to write in your moving plan as moving is a complex process with lots of tasks.

So, when writing a moving plan, start from the beginning. Start by writing down the date of the move so that you know exactly how much time you have left to get everything else done. You also need to include the distance between where you live in Memphis and where in Louisiana you are moving to. This is a crucial piece of information if hiring professional moving assistance as you will be able to easily calculate the cost of your move.

Don’t forget to also include what is the paperwork you need to file to make moving from one state to another possible. You will also need a packing plan. Packing is the longest part of the moving process and it certainly isn’t easy doing it without a plan. Making a plan can be easy by using apps that help you organize your move and your packing process.

Ripped papers on a notebook.
Create a detailed moving plan.

Have a moving budget

Moving is not expensive but it isn’t affordable either when moving from one state to another. Have in mind that there are plenty of expenses that you need to cover during this time. You have to find a new home in Louisiana. You can do that yourself but we believe that it is best to hire a real estate agent to do it for you. But that is an expense.

Another expense you will certainly have when having a family move from Memphis to Philadelphia is the expense of hiring professional movers such as Spyder Moving. Moving without them shouldn’t even be an option because it really is almost impossible if you have a slightly larger amount of things to move from one home to another. And you certainly do as you are moving with a family.

To make your moving budget realistic, you can get a free online moving estimate from the moving company you are thinking of hiring for your relocation. This estimate will tell you approximatelly how much money you are going to need in order for them to handle your relocation. But have in mind that you will certainly need more than the estimated amount.

Hire reliable moving assistance

If you want to make your family move from Memphis to Philadelphia enjoyable, you will certainly need to find extra pair of hands to help you out with the move. And this doesn’t mean calling your friends and family to help you. It means hiring professionals to handle the physically challenging parts of the move such as carrying heavy furniture and boxes and loading these things into the moving truck. These are things you should avoid doing alone as you could end up getting injured. Lifting something heavy the wrong way can get you seriously injured. That is why hiring professionals is the best thing to do. They do such things every day and they know how to do them.

Person openning a box.
Professional movers can help you with the hardest parts of the moving process.

The same goes for packing. Packing a home is not easy. Especially if you have small children running around the house. This is also something professionals can assist you with. Hiring packing services is the best way to save some time and to make moving more enjoyable.

Spend time with your family

Moving is not easy and it does cause stress even when using our professional tips but the one thing that is going to make it more enjoyable is spending time with your family. You do not have to only focus on moving. You can do all other things together even during this time. Go to the cinema, have dinner together, go for a walk. Use your last days in Memphis nicely so that as soon as you have finished moving to Louisiana you can start enjoying your new surroundings.

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