Leaving Pennsylvania for NYC – bustling neighborhoods to consider

So, you want to relocate to the Big Apple soon from Pennsylvania? Due to numerous job opportunities and everything that this city has to offer to all who come here, this cannot be a wrong decision. On the contrary, leaving Pennsylvania for NYC means spending your life in one of the amazing neighborhoods.

Williamsburg in Brooklyn is a great place when you are leaving Pennsylvania for NYC

First of all, there is Williamsburg in Brooklyn which can be an excellent choice for you when you come from Pennsylvania for work or any other reasons. This neighborhood in New York City is great for people who are single and is a true example of the melting pot. Many young artists choose to live here in Brooklyn for its special vibe. It is definitely one of the best places in the Big Apple when it comes to entertainment. Moreover, Williamsburg in Brooklyn has numerous vintage stores and is a very safe location, especially in recent years.

Brooklyn Bridge.
Williamsburg in Brooklyn is excellent for young people.

Park Slope

The second neighborhood on our list is in Brooklyn as well and it is called Park Slope. This place is well-known for its brownstone buildings and many young professionals choose to live here. When the summer comes to an end and the fall period begins, it looks magical. If you move here, you will be very close to Prospect Park which is one of the most spacious parks in New York City. And, in addition, it has Prospect Park Zoo. Furthermore, Park Slope has many international restaurants which are great if you love tasting new food specialties often. Plus, this neighborhood in Brooklyn has very good schools which means a lot to everyone who has kids or wants to start a family soon. Therefore, there are a lot of reasons to move to Park Slope from Pennsylvania. However, you cannot handle the whole moving process completely on your own for you must be careful when it comes to your both mental and physical health. We advise you to check out Divine Moving and Storage and see if this relocation company has to offer the services that you actually need for your move to NYC from Pennsylvania.

Inwood in Manhattan is not bad when leaving Pennsylvania for NYC

Thirdly, there is Inwood in Manhattan that you should definitely consider. This neighborhood is quieter, but it is close to the bustling part of the Big Apple. Therefore, it is just perfect for all who want to have the best of both worlds after moving from Pennsylvania. Life in Inwood is not as expensive as in some other neighborhoods here. Public transport is very good and schools are not bad either. Plus, Inwood is a safe neighborhood when compared to some other locations in New York City. This is important for all who choose to move here, seniors, young people, and families with children.

Midtown Manhattan

The fourth neighborhood in New York City on our list is Midtown Manhattan and it is a business district above everything else. Surely, this is one of the most bustling neighborhoods in the Big Apple and usually, younger and ambitious people choose to move here. This is a very commercial part of the city and it is an excellent idea to relocate here if you do not mind the crowds and love to be close to your work. But, moving in here can be pretty stressful because of too many people and traffic. So, you must engage professionals in the process when relocating from Pennsylvania to your new place in Midtown Manhattan. If you hire moving experts who can provide you with excellent packing supplies, transportation, and storage services, then you will have nothing to worry about when relocating to this bustling neighborhood in New York City.

Midtown Manhattan is great for business people who are leaving Pennsylvania for NYC.

Astoria in Queens can be a good choice when leaving Pennsylvania for NYC

The sixth neighborhood in the Big Apple that is great for young people is Astoria. It is located in Queens borough and is certainly a multicultural part of the city. It has to offer many interesting shops and restaurants of many kinds which means that you will have an opportunity to try different specialties. Importantly, Astoria in Queens is affordable when it comes to rent and other living expenses, and is well-connected to the more crowded areas of New York City. It is a really great place when it comes to entertainment and nightlife. If you want to relocate here, you should start organizing on time and figuring out whether you need storage space and similar things.

East Village

The seventh neighborhood that we highly recommend is East Village. This part of Manhattan is just ideal for people who love going out and visiting bars and clubs when they have free time. Definitely, it is a very bustling part of the city and is very close to Central Park. Moreover, if you move here, other beautiful green spaces will not be too far away. Plus, East Village is a very walkable area and it offers so many chances to meet new people.

Moving to Manhattan is not bad when you are leaving Pennsylvania for NYC.
East Village is a bustling neighborhood.


To conclude, when leaving Pennsylvania for NYC, you should carefully choose the right neighborhood. For example, Williamsburg in Brooklyn is great for artists and young people who love entertainment. The second neighborhood is Park Slope which is also in Brooklyn borough. It is famous for its brownstone buildings and looks amazing, especially in the fall season. Inwood in Manhattan is not so busy neighborhood but is very close to the bustling parts of the city. Importantly, it is safe,  has very good schools, and is more affordable than other Manhattan neighborhoods. Midtown Manhattan is great for business people and is a very crowded and busy neighborhood. Astoria in Queens has amazing nightlife, and excellent restaurants, and living here is not expensive. Finally, East Village is very bustling and is close to many parks and green spaces.

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