Pros and cons of keeping your car when moving from Pennsylvania to NYC

You have decided that moving from Pennsylvania to NYC is the best decision. There will be big life changes by relocating to the Big Apple. You will have to spend less money because New York City is more expensive than Pennsylvania. Your apartment or home will be smaller in NYC. But you are ready for the bad because the Big Apple has many positives. The only thing you can not decide is if you should bring your car to New York City. Superior Moving PA will tell you about both the pros and cons of keeping your car in the Big Apple, to make you come to a final decision.

Pros of keeping your car when moving from Pennsylvania to NYC 

Let’s first get the benefits of having a car when relocating to New York City from Pennsylvania. 

Improve the moving experience

The first benefit of having your car during your move to the Big Apple is to have a more comfortable moving experience. You will not have to go to NYC by bus from Pennsylvania but can drive there instead. Moving with a car will give you the possibility to have a road trip to the Big Apple from Pennsylvania. 

It will lower your moving experiences. You do not have to rely on movers to transfer your stuff by truck or van because you can bring some stuff in your car. You can directly drive your things to one of  the NYC Mini Storage units and leave them there for safekeeping.

Since apartments are smaller in New York City, you will need a storage unit. And if it is too expensive for you, you can always share one with a friend.


car truck, a car can make moving from Pennsylvania to NYC easier
Pack your car trunk full to save money on the relocation to NYC.

Use your car to drive out of town 

The second benefit of having a car in New York City is the ability to drive out of town whenever you want. You do not have to worry about buses, but whenever the city gets too much for you, you can temporarily leave it for a more-serene place.

Cons of keeping your car when moving from Pennsylvania to NYC

Now let’s talk about why it is a bad idea to have a car in the Big Apple 

Hard to find parking in the Big Apple 

The number one reason people decide not to have a car after making a move to NYC is the fact that they can’t easily find a place to park. Therefore you need to buy a very expensive parking spot. But you can get over this problem with car storage that will serve as a safe space for your vehicle in NYC. Your car will have better and safer protection than in a parking lot and you can take it out whenever you want. 


pink storage unit
You will need a storage unit for your car after moving from Pennsylvania to NYC.

You won’t need a car once in the Big Apple

The second reason not to keep your car after moving from Pennsylvania to NYC is that you do not need it. When it comes to going from one place to the other in the Big Apple, the public transportation system is enough. After all, it’s one of the most advanced transportation systems in the whole wide world!

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