Leaving Pennsylvania for Kentucky – where to look for affordable housing

A lot of people are moving from one state to another because they are searching for more affordable housing opportunities. Some do this because they are planning on starting a family and know they will need a lot more money and some just because they do not want to pay a fortune to live in a nice home. No matter what your reason for deciding to move to another state, we are here to help. Pennsylvania is a state that isn’t as expensive as many other states but it also isn’t as affordable as many other states. One of the states that has lots of places where you can find affordable housing is Kentucky. And if you are thinking about leaving Pennsylvania for Kentucky, here is where you can find out just where to look for affordable housing.


The first and one of the most affordable places in Kentucky when it comes to both renting and buying a home is Edgewood. It is a very small town near Cincinnati. So, not only is the place affordable it also has a very nice location. If you were to ask the locals, which there are just around 10,000 of them, they would all tell you that the location could not be better. And we agree. Reaching downtown Cincinnati takes just about 15 minutes. This means that you can live in Edgewood and work in Cincinnati. If you are moving after a divorce with children, this is a good place to consider.

Cincinnati from the air.
Living near Cincinnati in such an affordable place is nothing but a good idea.

There are plenty of beautiful houses in Edgewood as it is more of a suburban rather than an urban area. There are a couple of apartment buildings. But we believe that investing in a house is a far better option if you are investing. In order to make relocation easier no matter whether moving into a house or an apartment, you can team up with reliable neighbors from Edgewood.


If you do not really care to live near a big, urban city, there is an option for you. If you want to live in the most affordable city in all of Kentucky, moving to Princeton is the thing to do. Princeton is a very nice village. There are just around 8,000 residents in Princeton which also makes it a very safe place to live in.

Princeton is very charming. It is peaceful and quiet which is why mostly people in retirement live here. There are more and more families with children moving to this area because there are new amazing schools appearing here. If you are thinking about moving to Princeton yourself no matter whether moving as an elderly person, a parent, or a student, strongassmovers.com can help you relocate easily.

Nice house in the suburbs.
Finding a nice affordable home here is an easy task.

A few more options

There are plenty more affordable cities in Kentucky to consider buying a home in. You will never want to leave Kentucky after moving there. Here are just a couple of them:

  • Dayton
  • Ashland
  • Flatwoods
  • Bellevue
  • Erlanger.

All of these are good for both the elderly and parents with children, as well as those who plan on moving while pregnant to a different state. Leaving Pennsylvania for Kentucky for one of these places in order to start a business is not a bad idea either.

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