Differences to prepare for when moving from Philadelphia to Boca Raton

An interstate move always brings quite a change. Differences between places can be quite big and they may require a certain time to get used to. This is why we say that there should be some time to adapt and settle in after the move. This is also true for moves from Pennsylvania to Florida. These states could not be more different and the change you experience can be overwhelming. However, knowing what you are in for will help your prepare. So, it is always a good idea to explore and get to know the differences between your old and new place. With this in mind, we should research and prepare for the differences when moving from Philadelphia to Boca Raton.

An interstate move

Any interstate move is difficult and demands special dedication. It is complex, stressful, and hard to organize and prepare. It can also cost a lot. So, even with professional help from New Leaf Moving Group, it can be a challenging process. In addition, we should add the stress that differences between your old and new home may cause. The more different these places the more you will have to invest in adaptation to the new circumstances. There is a lot to know when we are talking about Boca Raton and Philadelphia. So you can make your transition easier and faster it is good to get to know your new home beforehand and prepare for the differences. In short here is a comparison of these two states.

Although Philadelphia is a great place to live in there are considerable differences to prepare for when planning a move to Boca Raton

In short

Florida is a popular tourist destination. It is a sunshine state with a specific climate and beauty. As such it is a popular tourist destination and is a place that is always in a rush and crowded. However, there is a lot it offers to its residents which makes it popular with people of all ages. Its booming economy is one of the main reasons for it the second is the climate, ocean, and sandy beaches.

Pennsylvania and Philly are on the opposite side in regard to Florida. The state and its towns are a cradle of American history and are national treasures. As such it is much more conservative and has a different lifestyle. There is a lot to do here but the atmosphere is quite different. The state offers top-of-the-line schooling and a developed economy with plenty of business and job opportunities.

What you should know

Although there are major differences between these two cities you can manage the transition. These are the ones to adapt to. It is wise to get to know them before you move. In short, the major differences to know before moving from Philadelphia to Boca Raton are:

  • The weather
  • The Rush
  • Cost of living
  • People


The main difference you can notice is the weather. Boca Raton in the sunshine state has a much warmer climate which is perfect for exploiting all of the natural beauties that the city and surrounding area offer. However, the climate is much damper than in Philadephia which you may find difficult. Philly is a bit colder but it offers a drier climate that is easier to manage.

House in Boca Raton
Housing cost and overall cost of living is much higher than in Philadelphia

The rush

Although Philadelphia is much larger it is still a city that is more conservative and slower. There is no big hassle and bustle there except in the business district. On the other hand, Boca Raton is a tourist destination. Its main attractions are the surrounding nature, beaches, the ocean, and the dynamic downtown. As such, this small city attracts a lot of tourists and visitors from all over. This means that the city is constantly in a rush and something is always going on.

However, even besides that many still decide to move here. There are quieter and more peaceful areas to settle down in. So many still decide to make it their home. It’s wise to do your research beforehand and prepare for moving from Philadelphia to Boca Raton on time. Professional movers will be able to get you on the right track for moving and settling in.

Cost of living

Due to its popularity, Baca Raton is one of the most expensive places to live in FL. Its living expenses are as much as 20% higher than in Philadelphia. This is seen in every aspect of life from food to healthcare. In addition, the housing costs are the ones where the largest discrepancy exists. Homes in Boca Raton can be more than 120% more expensive. So, moving here can bring you a lot of expenses. And if you are looking for a home then you have to think carefully about your possibilities and financing. However, although the prices might be high there are many housing options and siles to choose from so the market is quite diverse.

XCarneval in the streets is something to get used to when moving from Philadelphia to Boca Raton
The diversity of the city is great and it enriches the area


Boca Raton is a place of great diversity. With so many people pouring in it’s no wonder that it is a melting pot. Many different religions, languages, and nations meet here and live together. At the same time, many tourists make it a diverse place all year round. As such it is a place of different influences and cultural backgrounds so moving here and fitting in can be easy. Anyone can find just what they need after the move.

In conclusion

There are big differences to get used to when moving from Philadelphia to Boca Raton. However, it is not that hard to adapt to them. Knowing them in advance helps. Also preparing for moving is important. So, if you are planning a move like this do not hesitate. Get to know your new destination and go for it.

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