Moving to Kuwait to teach English: how to prepare

A few years ago many young people from the USA moved to China to teach English. That was also a great way to travel and learn about different cultures. Now Kuwait is becoming a popular destination for the same group of young people eager to teach English and travel to discover something new. If you are one of them and you are thinking about moving to Kuwait to teach English, there are few things to know.  First of all, this might be the greatest adventure of your life. Then you need to do some research on Kuwait culture. Some things that are considered to be common in the USA are forbidden in Kuwait. Also, you must know all there is to know about the paperwork you need for the relocation and finally, you need to consider the way you will be moving. Read on.

Moving to Kuwait to teach English is an amazing opportunity

This is a great way to earn some money and get tons of life experience. Also, getting to know a whole different country with totally different cultures and rules. In fact, this might be amazing for your CV. Just imagine it. You need to do a lot of work before you move but you should also research all the incredible things you can explore in Kuwait when you have your day off. There is no need to just work you must take advantage of your new location and have some fun too.

Things to see and do in Kuwait

Start by exploring their traditional food. You need to eat on the days you work too. Their food is much different from what you are used to. Maybe after this adventure, you will change your taste in food. Machboos rice is their specialty served with special sauce and can be served with dry shrimp. If you like spicy food you will love Quozi. It is a stuffed lamb served on spicy rice. Jireesh is a crack wheat soup very popular in Kuwait and you need to try this one. Don’t be afraid to try new and different flavors you will be surprised how tasty their food can be. If you are more interested in getting to know their culture you can start by exploring museums. The Tareq Rajab Museum is a history lover’s dream, start with that one. If you are in the mood for reflecting – check out Mirror house.

Kuwait flag
Explore everything Kuwait can offer you.

Differences in culture

People born and raised in the USA are free to drink alcohol since the age of 21. It is perfectly normal to go and have a drink with your friends. In Europe, you can even do this from the age of 18. But in Kuwait the things are different and it is important for you to know that. You cannot drink alcohol in any circumstances. Even buying or making some can get you deported. So beware. Also, being physical with your partner is something perfectly normal in the USA. You won’t be shocked to see two lovers kissing or holding hands in the streets of New York. But in Kuwait, this can be considered disrespectful. So as you can see some things are different. Another thing, girls must be careful of the way they dress. Cleavage, c-through clothes, or exposed shoulders and legs are a big no-no too.

You will not have a casual drink in Kuwait.

Paperwork and visa

You will need a visa to visit Kuwait. If you want to teach English for just a few months you can get upon issued upon arrival travel visa. You can stay for six months with that one. There is a fee and you need to have a valid passport of course. You also need a work permit to legitimately work in another country. But if you want to stay permanently and work in Kuwait you need to get a residence permit. It is called iqama. There are different types of iqama. Colloquially known by the article numbers in the immigration regulations. If you are caught without iqama you will be arrested and deported.

Two persons looking at their passports before moving to Kuwait to teach English.passport
Make sure that your passport is up to date if you want to go to Kuwait to teach English.

Certification you need to teach English in Kuwait

Are you curious to find out if you are qualified enough to teach English in Kuwait? A college degree (BA or BS) is typically required. Also, a TEFL certification is important and many will require it. But prior experience in teaching English might do you some good too even if you don’t have TEFL. In fact, teaching experience is quite important.

Moving to Kuwait

Since this is a long-distance international relocation, you will be needing professional movers like Easy Move KW. Moving on your own will be too much of a hassle and it will take too much time. Also, they can help you with additional paperwork.


If you are moving a lot of your household items, the chances are you will be needing additional storage space in Kuwait. A  safe facility for your belongings near you is what you need so that you can access them whenever you might need them. Think about that one. But before you rent storage space think about decluttering. There is no need to bring items you don’t even use to a distant country.


If you want to bring your car with you there is a way! Easy Move KW can offer you an additional service called vehicle shipping, your car will be safely delivered to your new home. Having a car with you will make exploring Kuwait much easier. So that is a bonus.

The changes in issuing visas

There are some changes in issuing visas since last year. People over the age of 60 without a college degree cannot get a work visa anymore. Also since the global pandemic started, they stopped all airports and issuing any visas but that is looking better now. They are not issuing like before but it is possible to get a visa now and to get to Kuwait. Just know that it might take more time than before the pandemic.

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