Questions to ask before accepting a job out of state

Finding a new job is always a nerve-wracking experience. It is full of anxiety and, nervousness, regret, and a flood of different emotions. But while it is difficult looking for a job and finding a new career path moving for work is even more stressful. Note that long-distance moving is considered to be a very stressful activity especially if it is moving out of state. Moving out of Philadelphia combined with new job stress can be too much. So, if you are looking for a job out of state you might be perplexed and you may have a lot of issues to figure out. If you are worried about the next step and a move out of state you should make a list of questions to ask before accepting a job and starting with your move.

Why question a job relocation

Well, the anxiety of a job relocation is a thing you should try to handle. The fear of the unknown and the uncertainty may be a factor you must overcome. While some would accept the relocation in a heartbeat others may struggle to make the right decision. One way to manage this stress when moving from Philadelphia for a job is to prepare for the move well. Make sure to find the right help as an expert crew can take you there quickly, securely, and alleviate your stress of a move to another state. Also, having answers to a lot of questions and open issues may help you put your mind at ease before accepting a job. But let’s be clear, the questions should be answered by both your employer and yourself. Here are a few of them to ask your employer and yourself:

  • What will your role in a company be
  • The opportunity for advancement
  • Company culture
  • Benefits of the move
  • Cost of life
  • Does the job excite you (is it worth it)
  • How to adapt

    A business woman walking down the stairs
    Make sure you have all of the answers to any issue you may have about moving out of state for work

Role in a company

Understanding the job in question is critical. Since you will have to move for that position it is good to understand all of the aspects of your role in a company and your position. So make sure you learn all you can about your tasks, expected results, hierarchy, and the reporting, indicators, and the performance measuring. Knowing all about the position will help you have a better picture before you decide to call professionals and choose the moving services for a move.


One of your motives in a workplace should be advancement and further development. If your job requires you to move that sacrifice and investment should be made with ample opportunity to grow and develop. So make sure that your new position allows you to learn, grow and advance in the workplace. Moving for a job that will not challenge you and offer you the opportunity to advance professionally is probably not worth moving for.

A man and woman at an interview
Make sure you are clear on all of the issues you may have and insist on answers from your potential employer

Culture in a company

The culture that the company nurtures is also important. Make sure you ask about the work ethics in the workplace and joint activities. The company should invest in team building and should nurture good employee relations and even out of work activities. Knowing some of these details may help you decide to move to a new position. This aspect can also indicate if the company is willing to help you adapt and acclimatize to the new environment.


How will you benefit from the move is one of the key questions to ask your employer and think for yourself. Make sure that your new job provides medical and dental care etc. Also, make sure that you understand the coverage and if your family will be covered also. Also, inquire if the employer will cover the relocation expenses. Having a written assurance that you will be covered will help you negotiate with the conditions and services included in your relocation package.

Cost of life

Make research into the living expenses in another state. Sometimes a move for a job is to a location that is much more expensive. This means that your quality of life will suffer. So, make sure you are informed. Also, try to negotiate a raise to make sure that the increased living expenses will not influence your quality of life.

A city street at night
Make sure your new work destination is challenging and can lead to your professional development

Is the job adequate?

Make sure you are clear about your feelings toward the job offer. You should be clear about whether the position is right for you in the long run. So, give thought to the list of questions to ask before accepting a job that is of consequence to you. Analyze if the job is exciting and challenging for you. Also, consider the company and if it will grow and allow you to develop and also if your effort will be rewarded. Try to write down the answers to these questions to have a list of pros and cons before you decide on an interstate move. 

How to adapt

Make sure you can handle the move right. Consider how the move will influence you and your family. Also research in the flexibility of the moving date. You should know if you will be able to get everything sorted in time for the move. If you will be able to sell your home, pack and prepare a demanding interstate move. Also, consider if your family will be ready and how it will influence them. Take into account if you will be prepared for a new environment and how you will adapt to the new situation. It is also important to know if you will have help from the company and staff in adapting to the change. Social support is crucial in this process. Also, consider if you are really ready for this big change and a complex move for a job position.

Consider some of the practical aspects

You also must consider some of the basic, practical issues. You should consider your moving budget and expenses and if the move will fit your financial constraints. If you have children consider the schooling options. Understand what your new location offers and how your family will be able to adapt.

Handshake between two people
Only when you have everything sorted out you can make an agreement

So, there are a lot of unknowns when deciding to move for a job.  Make sure to note some of the questions to ask before accepting a job out of state and try to get the answers ahead of time. Remember, every move is a challenge but with these questions in mind you will be better prepared for the move and the whole change that an interstate move brings.

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