Philly family moving to LA – packing tips

Even if your whole family is moving it can be fun to pack and prepare. The reasons for your move can be different. You can be moving for business, personal reasons, or a change of scenery. But you have to prepare for your long-distance move.  So whatever the reason for your Philly family moving to LA make sure to prepare a moving plan. Your moving and packing plan will help make use of your time efficiently.

Make your packing easier with these tips

The packing and moving process demands an investment in time and proper preparation. This is why you have to start preparing well ahead of time. Once you do start, make sure to:

  • Hire moving help
  • Make an inventory
  • Declutter
  • Gather your supplies and pack

Any moving process requires us to go on through packing. It is a tedious and time-consuming process that most people dread. However, it does not to be that difficult.

An inventory list
Make sure to make an inventory as the first step of your packing process

Hire your movers

Professional movers are a necessity in any long-distance move. it is a complex and difficult process. It can also be very expensive. So consider putting it in the hands of a trustworthy, and reputable moving company. Experienced professionals found at are a good example of moving assistance that would fulfill your expectations.


To make your packing less stressful and easier make an inventory. You should make sure to describe and list all of your belongings so you can keep track of them. It will also help during unpacking. The inventory is even more important if you have a large family to prepare for the move. For and large Philly family moving to LA an inventory can relieve a poot of stress when packing


An inventory list will be the first step that can help you declutter. This step is essential. First, it will help you shed weight and make your move cheaper, especially a long-distance one like from Philly to LA. Secondly, it will help you get rid of the surplus items that you don’t need or use and that is the burden. Make sure you give away, sell or donate such items as it will make it easier for you to pack.

Gather supplies

Once you are clear on what you will be moving it is time to start packing. You do so by first acquiring supplies. you can use recycled cardboard boxes for packing. You can buy them new or even rent them today. Whatever option you choose make sure to be efficient and fast while packing. But there are more options. If you want to save time you can hire your movers to pack for you. Many of them offer the service of professional packing.

Philly family moving to LA is packing for a move.
Packing is one of the most demanding tasks, make sure to prepare and execute it well

In addition, they can also do the unpacking for you. Today movers also provide a full pallet of services like storage. So, after you get to LA you can opt to keep your belongings in a safe place, a storage facility that your movers provide. Any surplus items that you cant move to a new place can be stored like this.

Enjoy your move!

The conclusion is that your packing process does not have to be that difficult. A proper plan, timely execution, and following a few tips and tricks can make you enjoy the packing process even if you pack fragile items for the move. You can pack and organize your Philly family moving to LA efficiently. Just try to start preparing ahead of time and use every resource and tip that you can.

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