Tips for preparing your home gym for a move

The life of a fitness enthusiast is usually a healthy one, you know that. Besides healthy living style, the home of these people is often equipped with a home gym. All kind of small weights can be found there but is not so rare case that you can see some big professional equipment as a treadmill or weight machines. This is a normal occurrence, but this normal occurrence comes as a difficulty when it is time to move to another home. Preparing your home gym for a move is a serious task and you have to approach it with care. Whatever you move, you have to make a plan, a detailed one. You don’t want your things lost or damaged.

Step by step

Having a good plan is the basic part of preparation. Preparing your home gym for a move will be a serious job. If the first step is making a plan the second one is executing that plan. Make a checklist or divide tasks into some steps. For example, basic steps are:

  • Grouping equipment
  • Clean and repair
  • Prepare right packaging

Not all together

When grouping equipment, it is mandatory to divide large equipment from small ones. Large equipment like rowing machines, treadmills, weight lifting machines, or weight benches. Small ones are steppers, kettle balls, hand weights, yoga mats, jump ropes. Each group requires different treatment and packing.

Like the new one

After you have managed to separate your equipment it is time for detailed cleaning and checking for any gear damage. Go through every piece of equipment, clean it, and check if there is any damage caused due to usage or simply time. If it is possible, fix it by yourself if you know how to do it, if not, take that part to service. Have in mind that sometimes the price of fixing can be similar to getting a new part of the equipment. If that so, get a new one.

Dumbbells and gloves
Arrange the equipment

Pack it in a smart way

To secure gear properly, you must select the right packaging. Smaller items can be stored in card boxes protected with some bubble wrap. Some parts like ropes and resisting bands can be packed in any kind of bag. Large equipment requires a lot more attention. Get your user manuals for large equipment, if possible disassemble it. Prepare newspaper, packing paper, unused towels, blankets, bedding, bubble wrap, zip ties, rope, tie-down straps. When all disassembled, similar size parts tie-down together, leather parts wrap in the old blanket are towel, then tie down and prepare for box packing.

Home gym
Disassemble everything you can

If your home gym has mirrors, they require special attention. Carefully remove them from walls or ceiling, depending on where did you put them. Mirrors must be carefully packed and labeled as fragile parts because they are easily broken.

Don’t forget to find some help. Preparing your home gym for a move can be an exhausting job so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. You are going to need help with some heavy parts when moving. In the end, this is going to be a great occupation and physical activity. Think of this as you did the workout.

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