Big family relocating from Philadelphia to Seattle: tips and tricks

Oh, it’s the good old family relocation again. Wait, what? There’s no such thing as good old family relocation? That’s right – there isn’t such a thing, unfortunately. It’s a stressful process, and it may be old, but it’s nowhere near good. You can, of course, do this and that to make it a bit easier. That’s where we come into the picture. We’re here to show you some neat tips and tricks that will most surely help you go through the process without losing the rest of your hair. Alright, you can probably save all of your hair without listening to us. Although, it will turn gray after the good old family relocation. So, you’ve chosen Seattle as the location of your new home? Read this article to make sure your family relocating from Philadelphia to Seattle goes as smoothly as possible.

Get everything down on paper

One of the most important tasks you must do before moving on to anything else is to write down every item you’re going to move all the way to Seattle. Try to differentiate the items into categories. Also, when contacting the moving provider, you’ll need to know the approximate weight of your cargo. This is very important. You’re making a long-distance move, and the moving provider of your choice will surely want to know what’s ahead. There are different kinds of moving estimates, and you’ll need to get informed about them. So, what are you waiting for?

A pen on an open notebook.
Before making any moves, get everything down on paper. Being organized is the key to a stress-free move.

Obtain packing materials without spending a fortune

You really don’t want to spend a fortune buying packing materials. Come to think of it: we’re not sure is that even possible. Anyway, you don’t want to lose funds on unnecessary things. So, what do you need to do? For instance, you can scan your neighborhood markets for some free cardboard boxes. Most shopkeepers will give you some for free. Don’t be afraid to ask. Also, you’ll need a lot of bubble foil for the most sensitive of your items. There’s a good chance you’ll find them pretty cheap online.

Involve the whole family (plus friends)

We’ll try to be short here. Of course, you can always hire professionals to help you pack. But, how about this? Ask your friends and family members to help you out. It will be one last favor before you move to your new home. They’ll be in no position to turn you down, and you can retell some nice memories while you pack. But, of course, don’t nag them into doing it. It should be just a nice way to say goodbye to the old neighborhood. Relocating from Philadelphia to Seattle is certainly big news for everyone you know.

Go DIY or hire a quality moving provider

Now that you’ve packed, it’s time to think about transporting your stuff. You can, of course, go DIY and try to organize it yourself. Since you’re relocating from Philadelphia to Seattle, maybe it’s for the best you hire experts to help you transport your cargo. Moving companies always give you insurance, so you can rest assured your stuff is safe from being damaged during the relocation. You’re moving from one US coast to another. It’s a long way, and going DIY will most likely cost you more than hiring movers to transport your stuff, even though it may sound paradoxical.

A truck in motion.
Hiring moving providers to help you transport your cargo is almost always better than going DIY, especially if you’re moving across the country.

Rent a storage unit once you arrive in Seattle

Moving in can sometimes get messy. Before unpacking everything else, you always want to unpack the crucial stuff, hopefully without all those temporarily unnecessary objects in your way. So, what do you do? The answer is quite easy: rent a storage unit and unpack the most relaxed way possible. If you’re, by any chance, moving to the West Seattle area – you’re in luck. They have great storage providers. Call some of them up and store all the things you don’t use often. Also, West Seattle is a family-oriented type of place, so it was rather safe of us to assume you’re maybe moving there.

Storage units in a row.
Once you get to Seattle, rent out a storage unite. You’ll need some time to unpack. It’s for the best you get some things out of your way before you fully settle.

Settling in Seattle

Once you’re there – relax. You have all the time in the world to get familiar with such a big town like Seattle. Do it family-style! Get the whole gang together and go out for a long walk through the city streets. Visit some of Seattle’s great museums or enjoy some of its beautiful parks. Read up on some of Seattle’s past and be an informal history teacher to your kids. There’s no better way to learn than outside of the classroom. Get to know some neighbors you find interesting at first sight. Suppose they have kids – even better. The young ones will surely have a blast with their new friends.

Stay in touch with the old neighborhood

Don’t lose contact with old Philie pals. Encourage your kids to call their old friends and see how they’ve been. Don’t store them in your past folder. Also, when you require some quality storage services, visit

Family relocating from Philadelphia to Seattle – a summary!

So, that was that. Let’s do a quick walkthrough. First of all – get everything down on paper. For a relocation this big you’ll need to be quite organized. Also, when obtaining packing materials, make sure you don’t spend some unnecessary funds. Next up: involve the whole family in the packing process. It’s a great way to relive some old memories. Once you’ve done packing – hire a quality moving company to transport your stuff. Make sure you get the approximate weight of your belongings. As for belongings that aren’t crucial to you moving in the best way, you can store them safely inside a storage unit. Finally, keep in touch with old friends and teach your kids some history. Thank you for reading. We wish you the best of luck.

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