Moving in with your roommate for the first time

Living in some expensive cities is quite problematic, even impossible for some – unless you find someone to share your expenses with. However, when sharing the expenses, you will also be sharing your living space with that person. This often can be challenging, since it’s difficult to find someone who perfectly suits your lifestyle and needs. That’s why some adjusting is necessary for both parts. Therefore, you need to be ready for a life with a roommate. Here’s a guide on moving in with your roommate for the first time.

Communicate and be open when moving in with your roommate

When you’re moving with someone, especially a person you don’t know very well – communication is everything. Of course, don’t say everything that’s on your mind. Be open about all the things related to the apartment, the move and your life together. Communication is the key to a positive atmosphere in every home and relationships. Also, if you get to know each other better before the move, it will be easier to live together and talk about some important things related to the move.

a woman thinking about moving in with her roommate
Finding a perfect roommate is almost impossible – adjusting to each other is necessary!

Bonus tip: Even though meeting your new roommate and communicating is important, don’t share too much. Talk about your daily habits, moving preparations and plans, etc. However, don’t reveal all your ‘secrets’ as soon as you meet.

Discuss the finances and other obligations  clearly

It’s important to discuss the ‘technical’ part of your move. Be sure to talk about the bills, cleaning requirements, pets, etc. Even though you like your roommate a lot, it’s necessary to have a serious talk about these ‘rules’. For example, see if both of you have more items than your new apartment can take – maybe taking a storage unit is a great idea.

three men discussing moving in with each other
Making ground rules and communicating, in the beginning, is a great start when moving with your roommate

Also, we advise going a step forward and making a simple contract on your responsibilities. It’s okay to have some ground rules written on paper, which you should both sign.

Also, talking about bills and other finances will help you plan your entire budget regarding the move. Make a list of your moving expenses, rent, bills – everything you need to pay once you move in. It will help you prepare in advance and don’t be unpleasantly surprised¬†

Check each other’s schedules

After you move in together, it’s good to know each other’s schedules during the week. Talk about your work or school plans, sleep habits, etc. It’s good to know things like that so you can also be considerate of each other’s privacy and alone time.

Discuss the guests

Another thing you should know before moving in with your roommate for the first time is their relationship status. Very often, people have negative experiences with roommates bringing their girlfriend/boyfriend all the time – even though officially they’re the only ones moving in. Discuss the relationship status, as well, and set up some ground rules on visits, sleepovers, parties, etc.

And finally, don’t forget to hang out with your new roommate. Moving in with your roommate for the first time might also mean you’re getting a new friend. After all the serious talk is finished, don’t forget to go out for a drink or order some food to celebrate the start of a new chapter.


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