Woodworm treatment tips and tricks

Wood is very easily damaged no matter how good quality it is. There are certain things that can cause a lot of trouble for those of you who have wooden floors, furniture, or even windows and walls. And if you are one of those people, you are here either because you started having some issues or you are afraid that the issues might start at one point sooner or later. This is why we decided to write some of the tips and tricks for you to read and use in order to protect your wood. Here’s where you’ll find some of the best woodworm treatment tips and tricks.

When do woodworms appear?

Not everyone knows how and when woodworms even appear. Woodworms are hidden from sight. They are buried deep into the wood. And they stay there for around 5 years evolving from larvae to a fully formed adult beetle. Just then they burrow their way out of the wood. This leaves behind little round exit holes in the wood which we consider to be damages made by these creatures.

Wood damaged.
The little holes are their exit holes.

Most people believe that this is a sign that there are no larvae inside the wood but that’s not the case. There might bo more left inside, doing even more damage. There is no way for you to know so don’t assume that there aren’t any in there left. This is why you need to know the proper way to keep wooden pieces. Mate in mind that these creatures appear during the months between April and September – woodworm season.

Damp or dry wood?

Most of the time, woodworms are attracted to dry wood. But they love softened, damp wood too. Wood Boring Weevil and the House Longhorn Beetle are two species that love wet wood much more than dry wood. The common furniture beetle is the one most people are scared of. They love dry and old wood, like furniture wood. Death Watch beetle likes hardwood. They usually cause damage to hardwood floors. You need to keep your storage unit clean if you don’t want to have issues with woodworms.

Woodworm holes.
There are different types of woodworm and each one has its own preference.

If it’s already damaged…

If these pests already caused damage to your furniture, you need to treat it kindly or hire professionals to do this for you. And if we’re talking about your whole house being infected with these pests, it is best to relocate. Getting rid of them is very hard. You can use woodworm treatment chemicals but this causes damage to the wood itself a little.

What woodworm treatment can prevent woodworms from doing damage?

The best way to make sure that these bugs don’t even appear is to control the humidity within your property. Woodworms like high humidity so it is best to keep your property well ventilated yet protected with nets and fly traps. Knowing how to prevent these pests from entering means that you are ready to be a homeowner.

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