Why Californian retirees are moving to Pennsylvania

As Californians get close to their retirement, they usually look to move out of the state. There are plenty of places where you will be happy as a retiree from California, which makes picking a state more difficult. But many pensioners from California decide to retire in Pennsylvania. You might be confused as to why they chose to move coast to coast to Pennsylvania. Well, we are here to help you understand why retirees from California come to Pennsylvania. Superior Moving PA will tell you why Californian retirees are moving to Pennsylvania.

Californian retirees are moving to Pennsylvania for the weather 

The first reason retires to relocate to Pennsylvania is the weather. Most people not from California can not imagine that somebody would relocate because of the weather. But if you live in California your whole life, only the sun can get boring. So when it comes time to retire, people want to change where they live and experience different weather. 

Unlike California, Pennsylvania has four seasons. The one season that is not present in a big part of California is winter. By moving to Pennsylvania, you will get to experience winter all the time. In addition, Pennsylvania has activities for each season, so you will have something to do no matter what the weather is like outside. So do like a lot of Californians and relocate to Pennsylvania. To make moving more comfortable, you should look for a moving company. If you can not decide on a moving company, check out Affordable Reliable Moving Company, which can get you out of California without any problems. 

Californians decide to retire in Pennsylvania to lower their cost of living 

The second reason why retirees choose Pennsylvania is the lower cost of living. When people decide to retire, it generally means they are ready to stop working. Since they are not working, they do not have any ways to raise their income. They have to rely on their savings to last them throughout their retirement. By moving to less expensive places, their savings will last longer, and they can lead a more comfortable life. Let’s see what is the difference in the cost of living between Pennsylvania and California. 

person putting a coin in blue piggy bank, learn Why Californian retirees are moving to Pennsylvania
You can use your retirement income more freely by living in Pennsylvania.

Cost of living differences 

  • First, groceries are 5 less expensive. 
  • Second, utilities are 2% more expensive in California. 
  • Third, transportation is 30% more expensive in California. 
  • Fourth, housing is over 100% less costly in Pennsylvania. The median home cost in Pennsylvania is 234,800 dollars, while in California, it is 684,800 dollars. If you already own a home in California, you can sell it and then purchase a retirement home in Pennsylvania’s countryside and have money left over to use as you please. 

To conclude, your overall cost of living will go down by 50% by moving to Pennsylvania, allowing you to have a comfortable retirement. 

Californian retirees are moving to Pennsylvania because of the taxes 

The third reason retirees are moving to Pennsylvania is to lower their tax burden. When choosing a place for your retirement, looking at their taxes is a must. A retirement-friendly tax system can make your income last longer and allow you to be worry-free. Let’s see all the benefits of Pennsylvania’s tax system. 

The first benefit of Pennsylvania’s tax system is that if you continue to work in your retirement, your income will not be taxed since the state does not have an income tax. 

By buying a home in Pennsylvania, retirees may qualify for a tax rebate on their property if their income is low. 

The biggest reason retirees from California relocate to Pennsylvania is the retirement taxes. For retirees, the biggest source of money is their retirement income. To have a good life, they need to pick a state where their retirement income will not be taxed or have a low tax. In Pennsylvania, you will not have to pay taxes on your retirement income. Your 401(k), IRA, pension, and Social Security will not be taxed, so you can spend your money more freely during retirement. And if you do not want to spend a lot of money on the relocation to Pennsylvania, look at our services where you can see how we can help you and give you a free estimate. 

white paper on money with the word - TAXES
High taxes can eat up your retirement income fast that is why you should relocate to Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has low crime rates

The third reason California locals retire in Pennsylvania is safety. When retiring, you want to get away from the big cities and move to a more calm place where you can relax. Outside of cities in Pennsylvania, you will find plenty of places with almost no violent or property crimes. These types of places are in the hundreds in the state, so do your research to find the perfect one. When you find the ideal town in Pennsylvania, you will want to get out of California as fast as possible. The most time-consuming task when moving is packing. To make the process faster, get packing services from Orange County – they are professionals ready to assist with your packing. 

Californian retirees are moving to Pennsylvania because of the nature 

If you want to stay active during your retirement there is no better place than Pennsylvania. Over 50% of the state is covered by woods, which means you will have plenty of areas to hike in nature. Besides the woods, Pennsylvania has many rivers where you can do water activities. You can fish, swim, and take a boat out on Pennsylvania rivers and lakes. 

Californian retirees are moving to Pennsylvania to spend more time in the woods.


We have told you about some of the reasons why Californian retirees are moving to Pennsylvania. As you can see, Pennsylvania is affordable and tax-friendly to retirees. And you have plenty of activities to dedicate your free time to. We hope all the above convinces you to relocate to Pennsylvania and if you have any problems with the relocation, contact us

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