Ways to meet your new neighbors during the pandemic

Relocating and being the new person in town can be hard enough, but meeting your new neighbors during the pandemic is even a harder task. We can help you move safely and keep everything sanitary. Since the start of the pandemic, more than 4 billion people experienced limited social exposure or even full lockdowns. This can make you feel socially isolated from other people. So here are some ways to meet your new neighbors during the pandemic.

Meet your new neighbors at a social distance

Before the pandemic, you could just knock on your new neighbor’s door or offer to help with the boxes if they didn’t hire quality packing services. but now is more tricky to meet your new neighbors. There is not a right measure of time when it is the best time to meet your new neighbors, but after a week is usually a good time to introduce yourself, or if they look busy unpacking give them more time. While giving them more time you can always wave and say ‘hello’ from a social distance to make your new neighbor feel welcome to the neighborhood.

Make a welcome card for your new neighbors

Another good way to make your new neighbor feel welcome is by making them a nice greeting card. The welcome card to your new neighbor can be placed in front of their door or in the mailbox. When you sign the card it could be very helpful to let your new neighbors know where is your house located. You can also write on the card important neighborhood info, and also emergency numbers, and HOA information. This will make them feel safe and welcomed.

a letter with an envelope on a table
A greeting card is a perfect way to make someone feel welcome to the new neighborhood.

Make your new neighbors a gift basket when you meet

While your new neighbors are busy relocating and unpacking or if they hired professional residential movers to make it easy on them. In the meantime, you can make them a gift basket. You will really get bonus points with your new neighbors with this. The gift basket can be just some baked goods that you make or even from some local restaurants that they can check out themselves. Don’t forget about their furry friends while making the gift. Here are some ideas on what to put inside:

  1. Baked goods or something from local restaurants
  2. Cheese and wine with some charcuterie basket
  3. Treats for their furry friends
  4. Toys for the kids
  5. Flowers and seeds that they can plant in their new garden
a gift basket for the new neighbors
Giving your new neighbors a gift basket will show them that you’re happy they’re here.

Offer them your help and support, but respect their space

Moving can be difficult but with some help from experienced local movers PA, and your new neighbors, it will be much easier. Offer to help them with something they need, it can be something easy as buying the groceries for them or taking the trash out. If you have some special skills offer them for free. Even though you’re probably excited to meet your new neighbors, don’t be pushy. If they don’t seem receptive or happy about your welcome gestures, just give them some time and space. Moving can be a very stressful and busy time. In the end, they will be grateful for your respect for their privacy.

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