Top 5 cities in Pennsylvania for business owners

Pennsylvania is an amazing state. Especially if you are running a business. A lot of people have started moving to Pennsylvania because there are so many opportunities here because this is an underrated state. This is why we have decided to write this short guide for the top 5 cities in Pennsylvania for business owners who are thinking about relocating their businesses somewhere better than where it is currently. We believe that Pennsylvania is the perfect state for any business to grow as it isn’t as developed as other states which means that it isn’t a saturated market such as the market of New York, Florida, California, Texas, and other states that are bigger and have a better reputation.


Moving a business isn’t easy this is why you have to make sure that you are doing it the correct way. And when planning to move a business, explore all available options when it comes to moving services. But getting to know more about the city you are moving your business to is very important.

And Carlisle is an amazing place to live in and have a business in. A lot of cities in Pennsylvania for business owners aren’t family as family-friendly as Carlisle is. This is a town of just a bit more than 20,000 people. This makes it very safe for both a business and your family.

Opening a business in Pennsylvania is an amazing idea.


Baldwin is a bigger town than Carlisle which is why we would also suggest considering that one as well. It is an amazing place with plenty of housing opportunities. It has been gaining more and more attention which makes now the perfect time to move your business to Baldwin. This won’t be a decision you regret making. A lot of growth is possible in an unsaturated market if that is what scares you.


A much bigger city than the previous two would be Lancaster. With more than 60,000 residents, Lancaster is one of the best cities in Pennsylvania for business owners. The unemployment rate is very low which is a good sign. Your business will grow here as all the other ones do. Professionals are predicting that more and more businesses will be expanding to Lancaster. So, make sure you find good movers near you to move your business.

Truck driver.
Having a moving company helping you move is the way to move.


With over 306,000 residents, Pittsburgh is one of the biggest cities in Pennsylvania. And even though this is a big city, the unemployment rate is very low. Below 5%. This is an amazing score. Here your business is able to grow even more as there are more people living here.


A much smaller city than Pittsburgh but still a great one for business owners would be Plum. Not only does it have a very lovely name but a lot of business opportunities as well. Moving your business to Plum is a great idea for a lot of reasons. People who have moved their businesses here are very happy with the results.

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