Things no one tells you when you decide to leave the East Coast for LA

Coast-to-coast moves have become very common. A lot of people decide to relocate from one part of the country to another in order to see what it is like, to find a new job, or to meet lots of new and different people, as well as gain new life experiences. No matter what your reason for moving from one state to another or from coast to coast is, there are certain things you need to be aware of before doing so as they might come as a shock otherwise. And this can make adjusting a harder task. This is why you have to do plenty of research before making such a huge life change. We are emotional beings and certain things can be more difficult to handle than others. Since a lot of people have decided to leave the East Coast for LA we wanted to focus on this type of relocation. Here is where you can read some of the things no one tells you when you decide to leave the East Coast for LA.

The people are very different

Even though Los Angeles is a city where millions of people from all over the world are moving to, somehow it is a place where people are like nowhere else. It could be that something changes you when you move here. People here are not very welcoming. Not that you will not be able to find people to spend time with, you will easily do so, but you might not feel very welcome at first. This is why we had to put this as the first thing to know about moving to LA – you might not feel welcome at first.

santa monica pier
People in Los Angeles are very self-obsessed which is why you might have a feeling they are cold and not welcoming.

But as the days go by and you get to know the place, you will realize that this is just how it is here and that it is nothing personal. People are very self-obsessed in Los Angeles which could be the reason why this is a general feeling people have after moving here. Because of this, a lot of people decide to leave LA even though they have only spend a couple of weeks living there. If you decide to do so too, can assist with the process. But we want you to give Los Angeles a chance as it truly is a great place to live in.

Housing is much more expensive

When you decide to leave the East Coast for LA, surely one of the first things to do research on is the housing prices. If you have done so already, you are surely aware of the fact that housing is very expensive in Los Angeles. If you have been living on the East Coast, you are adjusted to much lower housing prices. Not only is the pricing bigger but the homes are not really to die for. There are plenty of luxurious homes in Los Angeles but you need a lot of money for one of those.

Venice beach LA.
Housing is very expensive in LA so you better start saving up on time.

If you are like most, you will end up living in an apartment for the first couple of months living in Los Angeles as you won’t be able to afford a house unless you have a very well-paying job. But even if you do, have in mind that amenities in LA are very expensive too. And so are the utility bills. A decent home is not easily found. You ought to start searching for a home remotely.

The weather is very changeable

For a lot of people, Los Angeles is all sunny and warm days but that is not the case. The weather changes in Los Angeles as it does on the East Coast. The changes aren’t as drastic though. East Coast experiences a lot of cold days and rain. The weather there also switches very fast from warm to cold. This is not the case with LA. A lot of people seem to believe LA doesn’t experience rain or cold days. It does, but the changes are slightly easier to handle. Going to the beach is always a possibility if living in LA except when there is lots of rain which is not usually the case. It also means that when relocating to LA, a smooth process is possible.

Sunset on the beach.
Do not throw away your rain coast after you leave the East Coast for LA.

It is a very fun place to live in

Yes the people living in LA might not seem fun at first but as soon as you start going out and meeting people you will realize that this is not the case. Los Angeles is a very fun place to live in. There are plenty of different things you can do here. No matter your age, you will find something to do in your free time.

It could be exploring the city. It could also be trying foods you haven’t had a chance to try. This is something we surely suggest doing as Los Angeles is a city with hundreds of different restaurants held by locals who have moved from different parts of the world. Moving to get over a heartbreak is the best idea if moving to LA. LA can keep you busy and entertained.

There are hundreds of clubs in LA as well for the young people of the East Coast. These clubs and bars are where you could also meet a lot of famous people too. This is one of the main reasons why young people relocate to Los Angeles. And also the fact that there are plenty of job opportunities to explore here. A lot of people move for a job in LA. This can make adjusting an easier task.

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