The disadvantages of living off-campus

Although living off-campus may provide you with more freedom than living in a dorm, it has its own disadvantages. If you’re planning on going to college next year and you’re still wondering what kind of living arrangement will you settle you might want to read this article to the end. Living off-campus is something that is not recommended for freshmen students. Some universities even require all freshmen to live on campus. It’s a pretty good thing. Living inside a dorm gets you acquainted with your peers. Of course, you can’t pick your roommates, but it’s still a nice way of learning how to deal with unavoidable scenarios. If living off-campus makes you look all grown up, living on campus will also provide you with some benefits necessary for post-college life. In the article below we’ll show you some of the disadvantages of living off-campus. Stay tuned, future Pennsylvanian freshmen.

You’ll miss out on the full college experience

Between your parents’ house and your own apartment, there should be a transitional period. That’s right. Living on-campus will provide you with some independence while giving you a sense of protection. The kind of protection you’ve gotten used to living with parents. You shouldn’t miss out on that experience. And there’s much behind this statement. Just ask around people who’ve dealt with this problem before you. Most college students will encourage you to live inside a dorm at least when you’re a freshman. You’ll have a chance to see how movies about college differ from the real college experience. Anyway, it’s really a nice transition to adulthood and you shouldn’t miss out on it. What are you going to tell your grandchildren? Something like this: well, yeah, I attended college and it was pretty…ook?

It can lead to social isolation

Let’s say you’ve rented an apartment off-campus. Wouldn’t it make you feel somehow isolated from your peer group? They’re all living in dorms and they’ve developed a certain way of life that brings them more together. If you have trouble meeting new people, living off-campus will only make things worse. By living in a dormitory you’re guaranteed to meet someone. Even if you’d dislike most people you’d meet in a dorm, it’s still better than aimlessly staring out the window. Now, if you want your privacy and a sense of personal freedom these arguments mean little or nothing to you. Anyway, living on-campus is less prone to give you a feeling of loneliness. Although it’s absolutely possible to be lonesome inside a crowd, which is probably even worse. That’s that for this section.

A person in a dark room looking through the window. One of the disadvantages of living off-campus is that it can lead to the feeling of social isolation.
Living off-campus can lead to social isolation. If you don’t like to socialize too much, this kind of argument means nothing to you.

It’s sometimes more expensive

Some university dorms are cheaper than their off-campus alternative. You should definitely check with your college the yearly price of living on-campus. If you’re still negotiating whether living on-campus at the college of your choice is cheaper or not, get everything down on paper. Remember you’ll probably have to pay a security deposit before moving into your off-campus apartment. So don’t forget to put that down into the calculation. Generally speaking – living off-campus comes with a lot of responsibility. According to some research students living off-campus spend more time grocery shopping, cleaning, preparing meals, and commuting than students living inside a dormitory. So, yeah, it’s pretty safe to say that living inside a dorm still somehow feels like living with your parents. If that’s something that bothers you, living on-campus might not be the best option you should settle for.

A jar full of coins.
Living off-campus comes with more responsibility. Also, you’ll probably have to spend more funds living outside of a dorm.

Going the distance

Your off-campus dwelling probably won’t be that close to the campus. Living inside a dorm you’ll be sure you won’t miss out on most student activities. Also, parking on campus can be quite expensive. If don’t want to feel left out by your peer group, you’d want to attend some social events happening on campus. You’ll probably have to use the public transportation system, and that’s something most students will gladly miss out on. Living inside a dorm will make things easier for you in this sense. While on the subject of distance, there are people that don’t mind it at all. If you need any help moving in, whether it’s an apartment or a dorm, check out the offer at You’ll surely find some quality movers ready to give you a helping hand in the process of moving to your new dwelling.

Boredom is sometimes your worst enemy

Campus activities are basically 24/7. So, there’s a pretty slim chance you’ll be bored while living on-campus. Although it’s alright to bored once in a while, missing out on fun activities happening on-campus will have an effect on your general mood. All of that can lead to a feeling of dread, social isolation, and anxiety. Alright, we’re too pessimistic here. But, really, while living on-campus you won’t have time to be bored. It’s simple as that. As we’ve mentioned earlier in the text – these arguments won’t satisfy you if you’re someone that doesn’t like the crowd very much. Boredom is something that happens to all of the students some portion of the time. Especially when they’re trying to study.

A puppy looking like its bored.
Isolated from fun activities happening on-campus, students living off-campus may experience boredom.

A conclusion

So, that’s about it. These were some of the disadvantages of living off-campus. However, these arguments won’t convince anyone looking to start an early independent life. It may feel pretty good and adulty, but living outside of the dorms may make you feel like you’re somehow outside of the crowd. It can lead to all sorts of anti-social behavior. Okay, we’re getting pretty serious and moody again. Anyway, hopefully, this text gave you a perspective on how students choose to live nowadays. Thank you for reading. We wish you the best of luck in choosing the mode of living you deserve.

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