Student’s guide to moving from Pennsylvania to Canada

Even before you finish high school, you start thinking about college. Every student dreams of that when they get a chance to move somewhere else and have the possibility to meet new people and different cultures. But, you should know that there are things you need to consider when moving from Pennsylvania to Canada. Every student needs a guide, and you would be wrong if you thought differently. That being said, we are here to help you out in getting prepared.

When moving from Pennsylvania to Canada you should prepare all the documents

To be able to go to another country to live and study, you need to prepare certain documents. What you should do first, is gather all the information regarding documents. You can start by asking people in your high school because they normally know the entire procedure. We also recommend that you go to the Canadian embassy and see if you need a visa to go live in Canada for a couple of years. People from the United States of America normally never have problems with documentation, so that is a good thing.
Be aware that you cannot start actually preparing for the move until you are certain that you can go. So when it comes to relocation itself, just leave it for after. Don’t worry about being late and unorganized because local Canadian experts can always jump in. They can pack you up and move you stress-free in an expeditious manner! But you will learn more about it as you continue to read. Now focus on the paperwork and your documents.
Room in a student dormitory
See all the available housing options when you are moving from Pennsylvania to Canada for your studies.

Finding housing options can sometimes be challenging

Your main motivation is college, for sure. But, you won’t be able to prepare for moving from Pennsylvania to Canada if you don’t have a place to live. So while you are still on time, you should work on finding one. Good thing is that most colleges have their own dormitories that are even on campus or quite near it. However, dormitory rooms are not for everyone. Rooms are usually small and two people share one room. There is not much space, therefore you can’t bring a lot of items. But this is the most affordable housing solution. Don’t worry if this is not something that you can handle and want. There are ways to simplify it.
You can always find some private dorms where you can have a small apartment to share with your roommate. They usually have two bedrooms, a bathroom, and one living room. So, this is definitely a better option when it comes to your own privacy. There is also one more option, but this one is not affordable, especially not while you are a student. In every city in Canada, it is quite easy to find a private flat, but they cost quite a lot. So if you don’t plan to find a part-time job that you will have aside, don’t even consider this option.

Now let’s see what is your best option when moving from Pennsylvania to Canada

No matter what is the main reason behind it, you always have two options when it comes to moving. The first one is to do everything on your own. Which we don’t recommend, as it will cost you more down the line. Furthermore, the risk of something going wrong runs high. But learn about another option that you have first on, and then decide.
The other option that you have is in many ways better than the DIY one. This one includes professionals that are experienced and well-educated in this field, aka professional movers. Should you decide to employ the movers, together you will discuss the moving ideas and you will make an entire plan. Your belongings will be under their supervision and they will be insured in case of some accidents. And the best part about this is that it will be more affordable than the DIY option.
Woman packing her room.
Try not to pack everything, it won’t fit!

Depending on the housing solution you chose, you do the packing

Packing is not one of the favorite things students want to do. But it is unavoidable. There is always an option of taking packing services from the movers. But most students would rather do this on their own. If you are moving to a private apartment, you will be able to transport as many things as you would like. But that is still not the best option, because the more things you bring, the more expensive the relocation will be. And not only that, there is no need to take up all the free space around your apartment. Find ways to simplify packing, you will need them.
If your housing will be in a campus dormitory where you only have one small room that you share with a roommate, you will be a little bit more limited. Only choose the most important things and clothes that you will need. Remember that Canada is an icy country, so you don’t need to pack any summer clothes. Especially not now because the winter is just beginning.

Don’t forget that you are a student and you need to get ready for the fun parts

Not everything has to be a serious obligation when you are moving away for college. There is also a fun part to it. You should know before you arrive in Canada what places you need to check out and what is there to do and see around the place where you will live. You can go ahead and plan the entire month, at least activities that you will do over the weekends. Canada has breathtaking nature and you need to see all its wonders.
Woman covered with a Canadian flag.
You will love Canada and its beauties, so explore as much as possible.

Finally, you should relocate before your classes start

Moving from Pennsylvania to Canada can be a perfect opportunity if you know how to do it properly. We recommend you get there as soon as possible so you have a chance of exploring the place and meeting people before classes even start. If you do it you will see that it will be worth it.

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