Simple packing tips for a move from California to Pennsylvania

Packing for a move is probably the most stressful part of the process. There is a lot of things to think about, and it is the most time consuming part of any move. And only adding to the stress is the fact that your packing should, realistically, be done at least a week before the big day. So, in order to help you avoid this stress, we have put together a list of simple packing tips for a move from California to Pennsylvania. We hope you find it useful.

Plan ahead of time

One of the best tips we can give is to know when it’s time to start packing. This one, at least, is simple. As soon as you know the date of your move, start making a packing plan. Go through your belongings, room by room, and make an inventory list. While doing this, take the time to decide what you will be bringing with you. Especially if you plan to move from California to Pennsylvania during winter, it’s important to have your packing done on time. So remember: as soon as you know what you’re bringing, start packing.

Man planning for a move from California to Pennsylvania
Having a plan before you start packing helps the process go much quicker.

Figure out your budget

Realistically, this should be done before you even set a moving date. Take a look through your finances and take into consideration moving costs, packing supplies, and whatever other costs you could encounter while moving. Also, contact movers very early in order to get moving quotes. Having accurate moving quotes will help you plan your budget properly. Remember, however, that if your movers are giving you estimates without an in person inspection, you shouldn’t trust them.

Stock up on moving supplies

Before you can begin packing, you will need packing supplies. Most people only think about moving boxes when packing supplies are mentioned. However, you will also need: wrapping materials, tapes, papers and some tools for disassembling furniture. You will want to stock up on extra supplies just in case, and remember to get everything you will need to prepare your kitchen appliances for the move as well. These will need some special attention, so look into how to prepare them ahead of time.

Couple holding moving boxes
Having enough supplies is important, so it never hurts to get extra.

Pack smart

Knowing how to pack effectively won’t only help the packing process go easier, it will also make unpacking a breeze. Always put heavier items on the bottom of a box. This way, you can avoid damaging the lighter ones. Label all of your boxes, preferably by room, so you know where you put specific things. When packing, go room by room: this way you won’t forget items from specific rooms. For wrapping and padding, remember that you can also use things such as blankets, towels and socks. Finally, only pack similar items into individual boxes. Also, experts from Los Angeles Transfer and Storage note that you should pack a box of essentials just in case.

Simple packing tips for a move from California to Pennsylvania – Conclusion

If you know how to pack properly, the most stressful part of a move can become almost enjoyable. As long as you know how to avoid common mistakes people make when packing fragile items, you can relax for most of the process. We hope you found this list of simple packing tips for a move from California to Pennsylvania helpful, and we wish you luck with your move.

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