Simple and smart ways to baby-proof your new home

Living with a baby isn’t easy at all. There are plenty of ways a baby can get hurt while at home. This is something every parent has to think about as soon as the baby starts to crawl and learn how to walk. Babies are naturally very curious. This is because everything is new to them and they want to find out as much as they can. But sometimes this can lead to a baby get hurt. This is why you need to baby-proof your new home before moving into it if moving with a baby. Here is where you can read some of our tips on how to baby-proof your new home in a few simple and smart ways.

Keep the bathroom closed

A very simple thing to do is to close your bathroom door whenever you are done using it. The bathroom is usually where people keep a lot of chemicals and cleaning supplies. This is something that should never be in a baby’s hands. And closing the door makes it impossible for them to get in. Your baby will then learn what the bathroom is used for and they won’t see it as a place for playing. This is a very effective way to protect your child.

Keep the bathroom closed.

You might be thinking that you won’t leave your child unattended for so long for it to have time to get hurt if in the bathroom. But even a minute is enough. You might be packing for the move and you might simply not notice for a couple of moments that your child is in the bathroom. This is why you also need to make an effective plan when moving and to have somebody helping you both with packing and moving. This should be your top priority when moving.

Lock the cabinets

As we said, babies are very curious and they want to know a lot of things. And one of those things will always be “what’s inside?”. The cabinets in your home are always closed and your child can see you opening them. Naturally, the child will want to open them as well. And no matter what you keep inside, a baby will always find a way to get hurt. Just because they don’t know better.

This is why we would suggest locking the cabinets and drawers. Especially those where you keep things such as cleaning supplies, plates, glasses, cutlery, and any other things that could harm your child. Hire reliable movers such as Master Moving Guide when moving with a baby in order to be able to give your child all the attention that is needed to keep them safe.

Lock your cabinets.


Stairs are a very common cause of why a baby is hurt. A lot of babies try to go down or up the stairs by themselves as they believe they can do so. But a lot of the time they can’t and they end up falling. Your child can get serious injuries from falling down the stairs such as a concussion or breaking something. This is why you need to baby-proof your new home. This is why getting a baby fence is the best thing to do. A baby fence will keep the baby from wanting to go up and down the stairs. For a while, the baby fence is going to annoy you. But you will just have to get used to it if you want to keep your child safe.

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