Retiring in PA – Reasons why

Working your whole life, it’s reasonable to find a perfect place to retire. And if you’ve never moved before, you deserve to get the best out of your new location. And what probably comes to your mind is warm weather and sunny beach. And that just doesn’t look like Pennsylvania. But, still is retiring in PA something that you should consider? Before organizing your relocation, you should do some research on Pennsylvania. Actually, you might end up surprised and find yourself packing your bags by the end of this article.

The reasons for retiring in PA

No, it’s obviously it’s not about living by the beach and enjoying the hot summer. But, even if you’re moving from a sunny place like moving from Nevada to PA, there’s plenty to look forward to. Here are some of the reasons that make Pennsylvania great for retiring:

  • tax exemptions
  • beautiful seasons
  • history and culture
  • entertainment options
  • new friendships
  • parks
  • other reasons why retiring in PA is great, but you’ll have to find them out yourself
Two old women sitting in a hammock.
You can find new friends here

Tax exemptions

First of all, Pennsylvania is cheaper than the surrounding states. Other than that, Pennsylvania doesn’t tax retirement income of anyone older than 59 1/2. From social security benefits, military pensions and IRA distributions, they’re all exempt from income tax, which is quite convenient to retirees. Also, after 65 years, there are rebates on property taxes as well. And with medicine, food, and clothes exempt from taxes, you can see why people decide to retire in Pennsylvania.

Beautiful Seasons

While winters aren’t as warm as in another retirement-friendly location, Pennsylvania’s got something else to offer. The seasons here are beautiful. And there are four distinct seasons. But, when summer ends, that’s when it really begins. The leaves start to change the color and nature looks really breathtaking. And this is also the time to enjoy fall festivals. You should experience Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad Tour to learn about oil and to enjoy the scenery in fall. Also, you should experience Kinzua Sky Walk, which is one of the longest railroad bridges in the world. Imagine looking at all those wonderful colors from up there… Well, that will be enough to show you the beauty of PA in the fall.

History and culture

If you like history, you should consider retiring in PA. It’s well known that Pennsylvania is a place full of history. And you can see the relics from the revolution all around the state, from Valley Forge National Historic Park to the Liberty Bell. However, there are modern sites that you can enjoy, just as well as the historic one. You should definitely visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, as you’ll find not only historic exhibits but modern exhibits there as well.


When you retire, you want to have a lot of things to do. Both you and your family when they come to visit. While other states might have more pools and beaches, Pennsylvania also offers great entertainment of a different kind. If you are looking for quality production then you should visit Act II Playhouse in Ambler. There is a great variety of live performances in this cute small theatre, from classic plays to stand-up comedy. You’re sure to find something you like. And it’s a great place to bring your family.

Have fun with your grandkids

However, you also want to have fun with your grandkids. And there are many entertainment options that you can explore with your grandkids that adults can enjoy too. You should visit Hershey Park in Hershey. Basically it’s 90 acres filled with fun attractions, from roller coasters to water rides. Also, you should visit Please Touch Museum. This isn’t the usual children’s museum. Here you’ll find interactive, multi-sensory exhibits. And an experience like this one might awaken your inner child, too. And these are only some of the sites that you should visit, but be sure that there are many more.

Hershey Park, ferris wheel.
Have fun at Hershey Park

You’ll make new friends

It can be hard going away from your friends, only to arrive at a place where you don’t know anyone. And this is especially the case if you’ve lived in one place for years. But, you should know that you are going to a lot of people of the same age in Pennsylvania. Actually, around 18 percent of residents of Pennsylvania are 65 or older, which means that you’ll have a lot of opportunities to make some friends. So, you’ll always have a company, whether you want to explore the local parks or visit new restaurants. Just try to get out of your shell and open to new people and new connections. There are good chances you’ll find someone with the same interests.


It’s not hard staying active in retirement since you can walk the trails of many parks in Pennsylvania. And these parks with beautiful scenery are full of great trails. Not far away from Philadelphia, you can find Creek State Park of more than 2,600 acres. Also, Benjamin Rush State Park has one of the largest community gardens in the state. But, other than enjoying the park and nature, by renting a plot, you can plant your own vegetables. But, there are many more national and state parks that you can explore here in Pennsylvania.

Park in PA.
There are many beautiful parks in Pennsylvania

Retiring in Pennsylvania

If you retire in Pennsylvania, you’ll be financially stable to enjoy many of the opportunities and fun activities. And what’s even better, you’ll have a company to share it with. So, it’s not hard to see the reasons for retiring in Pennsylvania. However, it might be harder to find the exact place for your new home. Would you like to be closer to nature, or some other fun activities? Don’t rush it, just do some research and think about it. Meanwhile, you can sort through your belongings and slowly prepare your belongings for the move, to avoid the last minute decluttering. Take your time and mentally prepare for maybe the best time of your life.

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