Relocation to Washington DC – how to set up a list of priorities

Your relocation to Washington DC is a very exciting chapter in your life. DC is a town that has a lot to offer so no wonder you cannot wait to start settling in and enjoying it. But first thing is first. You must plan your relocation before you start appreciating the perks of your new home. There is no better way to start settling in than with a successful move. Since there is a lot that goes into planning a move, you might as well brace yourself. Be prepared to be meticulous and to sacrifice lots of time and effort. The best way to avoid moving mistakes is by knowing how to prioritize.

Your relocation to Washington DC must be prioritized

By now you know that organizing a move will be demanding in more ways than one. However, knowing this and going through it are two totally different things. That is why you need to do whatever you can to make sure your moving day goes as smoothly as possible. One of the ways to get that accomplished is by putting together a priority list. Here are a few important details that no moving priority list should go without.

Movers wearing masks and other protective gear during a relocation to Washington DC.
During your relocation make sure you are responsible in terms of being protected during coronavirus. Ask your movers what measures are they following while working.

For your relocation to Washington DC hire professional movers

Every bit of help during the moving process helps. Whichever type of move you might go through, an extra pair of helping hands sure makes a difference. Yet, if you are moving to Washington from a different state you better take that help to the next level. Hiring professional movers should be highly prioritized on your moving list. The sooner you can book your movers the better. If you wait to do this moving chore last minute you might get stuck with pore quality movers or you might go without them totally. All the good moving companies get snatched way in advance. So, hire a team of experts who will handle the job in a professional and safe manner. This way a huge task will be lifted off your back.

Never neglect your kids during a relocation

Moving is often simpler for those that are childless. Parents always have additional stress on their plates during a move. Naturally, all parents are protective of their kids and want to shield them from everything that can push their children of balance. A family relocation is just one of those instances when your kids need your love and support. Moving to a different state will surely be rough on your kiddos. Especially if they are in puberty. So, put your kid’s needs before anything else. This might not be a task that you officially need to put on your moving list, but you always need to have it in the back of your mind. Make sure your kids feel safe during the entire moving process.

Daddy carrying a baby on his sholders with mommy looking at them and enjoying herself.
Family always comes first. Make sure you never lose sight of your kids during your moving process.

Organize a home inspection

Hopefully, this is something that was already done before you even purchased your new DC property. If not, this is your last chance. In case this still hasn’t been done, make sure your moving budget has funds for this endeavor. Even if you are organizing a low budget move, make sure you can cover all expenses of hiring a home inspector. Sure, you can try and inspect things on your own. Nevertheless, a professional’s eye can catch issues that yours just can’t. Home inspectors are trained to notice even the slightest property irregularities.

Put a packing strategy in place

No relocation to Washington DC will be complete without a packing plan in place. Packing on its own has subtasks that need to be done. For starters, you must declutter and get rid of things you don’t use and done need. The last thing you want is to bring junk into your new and beautiful Washington home.

Also, you must plan in which order you will pack and which packing supplies you will use. Yet, it is important to know that this is a great moment to ask for help. You already planned on hiring professional movers to transport your precious belongings from your current home to DC. You might as well hire professional packers as well. The majority of moving companies provide packing services. They can also offer packing supplies. A website like is a great place to jump-start your search for packing services.

Change the locks on your new crib

You never know how many people have had keys to your new residence. Keys easily go around. They are given away to ex-partners, relatives, housekeepers, and who knows whom else. That is why you should change your locks and be sure you are on the safe side. Invite the local locksmith over and let him change your locks. This way you will rest easy at night knowing that only you and your family members have the keys to your new home.

Keys stuck in a doorknob.
There is a small chance that somebody else has a key to your home. But don’t risk it, change your locks, and sleep easy.

Priorities come first but don’t forget the rest during your relocation to Washington DC

Your relocation to Washington DC will surely put you to the test. There is a lot to be done on moving day but also prior and once you arrive at your new home. Keep in mind that our priority list is of utmost importance. However, there are also many other moving tasks that you must cover in order to have a successful move. We only managed to scratch the surface of planning your move. So, take it upon yourself to use your time wisely and do extensive research and planning on your move. In the end, the more you prep the smoother your move will be. That is why you should get off your phone and laptop and start prepping ASAP. Washington DC awaits you. Happy moving!

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