Philly family moving to Boise – should you buy or rent your new home

Boise is such a wonderful, and honestly, underappreciated city. It is the capital and the most populous city in Idaho, yet not a lot of people move to it. However, we have noticed that families move from other places just to live in Boise in recent years. There is a steady increase in immigration to Boise, especially for people from Philadelphia. But the main question a Philly family moving to Boise encounter is – should we buy or rent a home in Boise? This is a question with many variables, and this is what we are going to crack today. Last time we have explored the best cities in Colorado for Pennsylvania families, and today, we are going to explore how you can move to Boise with your family!

Do you plan to live in Boise for more than a few years?

The main question is – are you and your family planning to live for a prolonged period of time in Boise? If the answer is a definitive yes for your Philly family moving to Boise is not a mistake! Boise is such a wonderful city for families. However, if you are unsure, or if you only want to live in the most populous city in Idaho for a few years only, you should rent until you make a definitive decision. There is no reason to buy a home just so you can live there for a couple of years. Sure, you can always resell or rent your home, however, we cannot recommend that you buy a home for those reasons.

Person thinking.
Should we buy, or should we rent? That is the question.

What we can recommend is to search for reliable assistance in the area if you decide to move in or out of Boise. Idaho is filled with awesome places, and if you decide you don’t like Boise, you can always move somewhere else in Idaho.

Search online for a home

Thankfully, today it is easy to see what’s on the housing market. All you have to do is to type “homes in Boise”, and you’ll be presented with countless results. Our friends from Peasley Transfer & Storage tell us that every year, there is an increase in customers who contact them online. This is especially true today, with a pandemic going on.

However, you shouldn’t trust everything you see online. Sometimes pictures of homes could be taken in such a way that it may seem like you are buying a multimillionaire villa instead of a nice suburban home in Boise. Also, those photos could be photoshopped. This is why we recommend going to Boise to check the homes for yourself.

You have to know your finances

Moving to Boise is a dream of many, but don’t chase that dream if you don’t have the finances necessary for it! Sure, in the long run, buying a home in Boise is more cost-effective than renting it. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to go into crippling debt to buy a home somewhere you are not sure you are going to live.

Philly family member moving to Boise is counting money for a home.
Like every Philly family moving to Boise, you have to budget carefully.

This is why you have to take a look at your finances first. If you think you are eligible for a credit, then go for it, choose a home, and buy it. It is even better if you can afford a home in Boise without going into debt. Also, you have to check if you can get a job in Idaho if you already don’t have one. Going broke on a home buying adventure rarely ends well.

We hope you enjoyed our “Philly family moving to Boise” guide. And we know you are going to make the right decision!

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