Philadelphia vs NYC: what is a better option for small business owners

Starting a business all over again in a new location isn’t always easy. Scratch that; it is rarely easy. You have to manage a lot of things, from finding a new space and finding employees, to the moving itself. However, moving a business to another location can be very beneficial, especially for small businesses. Today (and a few centuries ago) business owners face a dilemma: Philadelphia vs NYC, what is better for small business owners? This is what we are going to explore today, so make sure to stick with us to the end!

Philadelphia vs NYC: what is better?

Philadelphia, even though it is quite a big city, is still kind of a hidden gem. It is quite close to New York, and job opportunities are more abundant than in NYC. This is why many people from all over the US move to Philadelphia for work. Sales and income taxes are lower in Philly compared to NYC, and this is contributing to the steady growth of Philadelphia’s economy.

Philadephia skyline
Philadelphia is more affordable than NYC, and it has lower taxes.

However, New York is always a safe bet. NYC is the center of the American economy, and most money goes through The Big Apple’s pockets. It is truly a modern center of the world’s economy. An average income in New York is higher than in Philadelphia, which means that people of NYC have more purchasing power, which in turn means that they have more money to spend on your products. Just ask our friends from Heart Moving, NYC. This is why New York is better for niche businesses.

Wherever you choose to move your business to, you have to work with professionals

The key to success is to work with professionals. Your customers (or clients) expect you to reach the highest standards of business, and that is normal. This means that the best results are made when professionals work with professionals.

New York skyline.
New York is always a safe bet!

In the process of moving, you have to be prepared and informed on time about everything in the moving process. By working with professionals, this is easy. However, if you choose to cut corners, you will be putting yourself in a precarious position.

In the end, it all depends

At the end of the day, when pondering on Philadelphia vs NYC, it all depends on your wishes and your possibilities. Both cities have something amazing to offer, and both of them are among the most important cities in the US. There are many reasons why you could move your NYC business to Philadelphia and vice versa. While Philadelphia is all-around cheaper, New Yorkers seem to have more income, which balances the affordability of Philly.

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