Philadelphia vs Miami: living costs compared

Behind every relocation, there is a reason why people are doing it. And no matter what that reason is, you still have to look at living costs before you make a final call and decide to relocate to a certain place. For some reason, people cannot seem to decide on a Philadelphia vs Miami relocation. We all love Miami for its beaches and sunny days, but for family life, Philadelphia is definitely a better choice. So, to make this struggle more manageable, all you have to do is to compare the costs of living. If you can’t afford a life in one of these two cities, then relocation would be a waste of time and money. Before finding the hottest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, make sure you have statistical information about both places.

Philadelphia vs Miami and the ongoing battle of housing costs

When comparing the cost of living in two important cities in the United States, it is important to consider both primary and secondary needs. Before relocating to any location, it is essential to secure a place to live. Without proper planning and organization, it is not wise to simply relocate without considering housing options. That said, the first step in the process should be to research the housing market in the potential cities.

Philadelphia is a city in Pennsylvania that has an urban-suburban feel, which makes it very livable and enjoyable. Especially for younger people that are just starting their families. What is important to know is that with just a small difference in percentage, Philadelphia has more owners than renters. The median rent here is $1,084 while the median home value is $171,600. And both are below the national level. Miami offers an urban area feel with 70% of residents being renters rather than owners. The median home value here is $344,300, and the median rent is $1,242. So both are much higher than on the national level. So before moving to Miami with movers and before you let professionals jump in, make sure this is a good decision. Movers can help you settle in without any issue. However, if you cannot manage to live normally after the relocation, what’s the point in moving, anyway?

City landscape.
Miami is beautiful, but when comparing Philadelphia vs Miami, you need to think about several things.

Inform yourself about utilities

“When purchasing a home, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to pay for all utilities including electricity, water, and others. However, when renting a home, the arrangement may be different. It is important to check the agreement with the landlord as some landlords may include utility expenses in the rental price. It is crucial to ensure that this is clearly stated in the contract, as it may not be the case in practice. One of the reasons to consider downsizing when moving is because smaller homes typically have lower utility bills.”

In Philadelphia, basic utilities such as electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage cost an average of $169 per month for an 85m2 apartment. Internet service can be expected to cost around $70 per month for 60 Mbps or faster, with unlimited data and cable/ADSL. The cost of one minute of prepaid mobile tariff local is $0.18 without discounts or plans. In Miami, the cost of internet service is similar at $63 per month. The cost of one minute of prepaid mobile tariff local is $0.20, also similar. However, the cost of basic utilities is lower in Miami, with an average cost of $158 per month for an 85m2 apartment, which is lower than in Philadelphia.

Let’s see the difference between Philadelphia vs Miami when eating outside

No matter if you enjoy cooking and preparing food, sometimes you just don’t feel like doing it, especially on days when you work too much and are exhausted. Generally, on these days you would just go out to the nearest restaurant and eat outside. But let’s see if you relocate to these places what is the difference in prices. Regarding Philadelphia, an inexpensive restaurant meal is around $20. At the same time, a meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant with three courses is $70. In Miami, the inexpensive restaurant is the same, but the mid-range one is $100 for two people. Even fast food places are different when it comes to paying. For a meal at McDonald’s in Philadelphia, you will pay $8, while in Miami for the same meal, you will pay $10.

Two women dining out after comparing Philadelphia vs Miami.
Dining in a restaurant is not cheap, but sometimes we all need it.

Now let’s compare some of the basic things people buy in grocery stores

Since you probably prefer cooking over eating out, you will want to compare the costs of some essential ingredients in local markets. The prices are more or less similar, but there are a few noticeable differences. For instance, 1 liter of regular milk in Philadelphia is $1,23, while in Miami it is $1,14. A loaf of fresh white bread in Philly is $3,61, while in Miami, it is $3,17. Rice is cheaper in Philadelphia, with 1 kilogram being $4,88, and in Miami, $5,48. Meat is also cheaper in Philadelphia, but some fruits and vegetables are not. And if you are a smoker, you will want to know that a pack of cigarettes in Philly is $11,50 while in Miami, it is $8. Mistakes people make when moving is not checking these numbers out.

Make sure to include salary differences as well

Now you definitely didn’t see this one coming, but in Philadelphia, an average monthly net salary is $4,997,95. So that is the number after paying taxes. And in Miami, an average monthly salary after taxes is $4,121.38. So with all those statistics before, you know what is better now.

Aerial view of Philadelphia.
Explore Philadelphia, you will love it.

It is time to decide

When you are deciding between Philadelphia vs Miami, you need to take everything into consideration. This is your life and your future we are talking about. Calculate everything, and see what option suits you better and what is more worth it. Don’t rush with the decision, you have more than enough time.

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