Pennsylvanian’s handbook of West Seattle

Seattle is a great city. One of the best ones in the country if you ask us as Pennsylvanians. We always encourage people to come to Seattle, even just for a visit if not to move to Seattle because there are so many things to be seen and done here. And as we want to attract more people, we decided to write this Pennsylvanian’s handbook of West Seattle. Why just West Seattle? Well, Seattle is a huge city. If we were to write a “handbook”, it wouldn’t really be a handbook. It would have to be a book. So, we decided to narrow our location in order to make it more focused.

Where is West Seattle and what’s it like?

West Seattle is a neighborhood in Seattle. It is located not far away from downtown Seattle but it is still located far enough for it to be an amazing residential area. It is very laid-back and relaxed. But this certainly doesn’t mean that this is a boring neighborhood to live in. It is a very big neighborhood too and a lot of people live here. Houses are very close to each other.

This is also a neighborhood on the coast of Puget Sound which is an inlet and estuary. This neighborhood has some amazing views which is what makes it even better. A lot of people decide to retire in PA, Seattle because this is a good city to live in even when you grow old.

The West part of Seattle is a residential area.


If moving to West Seattle, we already know where you will be spending most of your free time during the summer. West Seattle has an amazing beach called Alki Beach. People from all over the city come here during the summer to sunbathe, swim, dive, and do plenty of other beach activities. Children love this beach as there are plenty of ice cream stands during the summer and a lot of children too. is a great company to hire if you decide on relocating to Seattle with children.


When you don’t want to go to the beach, you can simply spend your time outside in one of the many parks that are located in West Seattle. These parks have playgrounds which makes them perfect for people with small children. You can also have picnics here as well as go jogging, biking, or just simply taking a walk. Me-Kwa-Mooks Park is one of the favorite parks here as it is located on the coast. You can also enjoy golfing in West Seattle which isn’t very common for big cities such as Seattle.

A view of Seattle perfect for our Pennsylvanian's handbook of West Seattle
Seattle has plenty of parks and a lot of them are located in West Seattle.


Not only are there plenty of things for you to do here and plenty of places where you can relax and wind up, but there are also plenty of amazing homes here. They aren’t very affordable though. This is why a lot of people live in small homes and figure out a practical solution for extra items that they own but are unable to put into their homes – they rent storage units. And there are plenty of them in West Seattle.


A huge reason why a lot of people move to this part of Seattle is the fact that there are some amazing schools to be found here. Education is very important and a lot of people are ready to relocate to another part of the town in order for their children to go to good schools. Hopefully, you found our handbook of West Seattle helpful.

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