Pennsylvania family’s guide to the best cities of Colorado

Family moves are often tricky. Unless you have a previously chosen place to relocate, picking the best location for a new family home can be challenging. As you’re not moving by yourself, there are several factors to include when looking for a new place to call home. For families leaving Pennsylvania and moving to Colorado, this article will be particularly useful. Reading further in this text, you’ll find out what are the best cities of Colorado – the guide made for every Pennysylvania family starting a new life chapter in the Centennial State.

family of 5 walking in a field
Choosing the best place to raise your family can be a difficult task.

Leaving Pennsylvania? Here’s what to know about moving to Colorado

Moving from Pennsylvania to Colorado is a huge challenge. This is a long-distance move which is additionally complicated by taking care of your family. As you want only the best for your loved ones, we want to start this guide with all the benefits of moving to Colorado. Here’s what you can expect after relocating:

  • an active lifestyle and outdoor activities – Colorado is blessed with amazing natural locations. Therefore, your family can enjoy a healthy, interesting, and active lifestyle that can include a lot of outdoor activities. Residents of Colorado enjoy spending time in nature and staying healthy, which is always an advantage when you’re moving with your family;
  • strong economy – when you have a family to support, it’s essential to move to an economically stable location with a lot of job opportunities. Luckily, Colorado is one of them;
  • tax-friendly state – another financial advantage of living in Colorado is generally lower taxes.

And finally, don’t forget that the relocation process can be a breeze in Colorado. Start with scheduling your move with, so you can see that there’s no need to worry about moving to this state at all. Now let’s see what are the best cities of Colorado and choose the one that’s most suitable for your family.

Mountain in Colorado
Breathtaking nature is probably the main reason why people love living in Colorado.

The ultimate guide – the best cities of Colorado

Colorado springs

Let’s start this guide with a larger city in this state. Living in Colorado Springs would mean you’ll be a part of a very diverse community. Both families and young professionals love this place. Firstly, it has some great, affordable neighborhoods to choose from. Next, it’s a charming city with low crime rates. And finally, great weather will make this a great new home for your young ones.


Located just outside of Denver, Aurora is a choice for many families. Great schools, many open spaces, and a high-quality healthcare system make this city a favorite. The place was also called ‘the most active city in America”, as health and physical activity really matter to its residents. If you’re planning to move to Aurora, you can be relieved – it’s easy to find experts to help you settle in. Just be sure to start planning your move on time, and prepare well for this amazing city and your new home.


If you’re into nature, mountains, skiing, and other active-life activities, you’ll definitely love Boulder. Great quality of life is what attracts many new residents, especially those moving with families. However, you can expect that this great location comes with a price – compared to other places in the state, Boulder is less affordable. But, the view and the lifestyle are surely worth it. Another thing you can expect that moving service is really good here – high-quality moving services don’t need to be expensive to be reliable and professional. That’s why start planning your moving budget on time and reduce the moving stress to a minimum.


This guide needs to mention probably the most popular place in Colorado – and that’s Denver. The city has a population of about 720,000 – and there’s a good reason why so many people love to live here. A perfect mix of year-long sunshine and panoramic views make Mile High City one of the best places in the country. The natural beauty of this place comes with other advantages:

  • flourishing economy – those moving for work will be happy to know that Denver offers amazing job and educational opportunities.
  • amazing outdoors – families who love spending time outdoors will love Denver. Both in summer and winter, you can choose among numerous activities and spend unforgettable weekends with your loved ones.
  • great education options – Denver has some high-quality schools. Therefore, if you’re moving with kids, be sure to browse the schools beforehand, and make the right choice. This way your kids can continue where they left off in Pennsylvania without any problems.
Denver is one of the the best cities of Colorado
There are many reasons why Denver is one of the best cities of Colorado.

Castle Rock

Even though if a lot smaller city than Denver, Castle Rock is as charming and suitable for families. It has a population of about 62,000 which is a perfect size for a peaceful family lifestyle. This city offers great past time options – shopping, dining, recreational opportunities. Combined with low-crime and great schools – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to move their families to this city.

Have you made up your mind?

It’s not always easy to choose the perfect place to live and plan the relocation. We advise you to take a look at our guide to the best cities of Colorado and then narrow your options according to personal preferences, family requirements, and long-term plans. Your new home should be suitable for your family’s needs. Go through pros and cons, and include all of the determining factors. This will help you narrow the list and be able to pick a new place to call home. And after you do this, it’s time to start planning your move. Every family moving process can get complicated and stressful, so it’s best you start on time. Proper organization, a moving checklist, and a positive attitude will ensure you get to your new home without any troubles.

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