Pennsylvania family moving to Pompano Beach – how to pack smart

Moving takes a lot of time, energy, and good planning. So, there are many things you need to do and take care of. From packing to finding trustworthy movers. So, if you consider a Pennsylvania family moving to Pompano Beach, you need to start early. So, take a look at your situation and then assess. You must research, find movers, learn how to get an accurate moving estimate, and properly pack everything. Here’s a guide on how to do it when a Pennsylvania family moving to Pompano Beach.

Make a plan for your Pennsylvania family moving to Pompano Beach 

The first thing to do when moving from Pennsylvania to Pompano Beach is to make a plan. That plan needs to include everything you have to do. From finding interstate movers to buying packing supplies. Remember that every little thing matters and include it in your moving checklist. That way, you’ll reduce the chance for mistakes. 

Do your research on Florida before moving

Even if you’ve been to Florida before, do some research on the state. Some differences between the two states do exist. So, you should be ready for everything that might come up. Get some knowledge about this country. There are a couple of things to keep in mind, so familiarize yourself with them. Gather information to “get the feel” of the state, from its people and culture to the living standard. 

Arm Notebook Plan
Make a plan for your Pennsylvania family moving to Pompano Beach.

Find trustworthy movers

Moving is hard, exhausting, and complex. Also, it’s something you shouldn’t attempt to do on your own. So, find a company that fits your needs and budget. There are numerous options but choose carefully because you can end up having a bad experience. No matter if you’re performing an interstate move from Pennsylvania to Florida or it’s a local move to some other destination once you’re in Florida and you need a crew from the neighborhood, it’s extremely important to find trustworthy movers. Strangers will be handling all of your belongings. So, putting your faith in them without checking their background can prove disastrous. 

Packing when Pennsylvania family moving to Pompano Beach 

Packing is an important and time-consuming task. So, you must start early if you want to do everything right. Here are some to-dos before the move:

  • Get rid of everything you rarely or never use. Decluttering will save you time, money, and energy. You’ll have fewer things to pack up and relocate to the new address. 
  • Set stuff aside to sell. While decluttering, make a pile of things you could try to sell. Learn how to organize a garage sale during the covid-19 pandemic or sell them online.
  • Collect packing material early to make moving smoother. You can purchase boxes specifically meant for moving, or if you’re on a budget, ask local stores for any free boxes. 
  • Start packing early. When it comes to moving, postponing the inevitable causes more work on moving day. Therefore, when you know you’ll be moving, start packing things you don’t use that often. For example, decorative pieces, books, seasonal clothes, and more.
Moving Box Tape - Pennsylvania family moving to Pompano Beach
Prepare packing supplies well in advance.

How to pack smart?

Surround yourself with the moving tape, a couple of markers, and plenty of bubble material because it’s time to pack. Here are some tips on how to pack smart when a Pennsylvania family moving to Pompano Beach.

  • Pack room to room. When packing for a move, staying organized is your key to success. So, pack one room at a time to avoid mixing items from different rooms. 
  • Label boxes. Labeling moving boxes will make everything, from packing and moving to unpacking all more efficient. So, use those markers and clearly label every box by room and category. Also, you can create a Google doc that lists every item in the box, and then assign the box a number. This way, in case you need to unpack something, you’ll know exactly where to look.
  • Load and unload boxes from one room together. 
  • Use packing tape because it secures the boxes much better. 
  • Don’t overpack a moving box. Your largest boxes shouldn’t weigh more than than 50 pounds.
  • Use the right size moving boxes. Pack heavy items, such as books, in small boxes, and lighter items in larger boxes. It will be easier for movers to organize and pack boxes into the moving truck. Also, make sure you pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter on the top. You’ll avoid damaging breakables.
  • Don’t leave empty spaces inside boxes. Prevent items from shifting and breaking by filling any gaps. You can use packing paper, clothing, or foam peanuts to do it. 
  • Bundle the fragile. Avoid common mistakes people make when packing fragile items and use plenty of bunched-up paper and padding. Don’t pack these items freely without some extra cushion. Instead, pack them correctly and reduce the stress in the long run.

Don’t pack these items with other belongings when Pennsylvania family moving to Pompano Beach

Some items can be hazardous during transport. So, it’s best to relocate them separately or dispose of them before moving. Pack tools, painting equipment, and cleaning chemicals together in clearly marked boxes. Consider using plastic totes to prevent messy or dangerous leaks. Also, pack bottles and medications together and separate them from other items.

Other items you should pack separately are:

  • Fire Extinguishers.
  • Heating agents.
  • Ammonia.
  • Chlorine granules.
  • Paints and varnishes.

Pack essentials separately

Think about what items you’ll need in the first week or so after relocating. Pack those items in one box. For example, you’ll need toilet paper, hand soap, towels, and similar items easily available. You don’t want to dig through boxes to find something you need immediately.

Key Moving Box
Pack an essential box.

In Conclusion – The Pennsylvania family moving to Pompano Beach

Once you move to Pompano Beach in Florida, it’s time to start enjoying yourself. Visit sunny beaches and meet wonderful people. Also, start unpacking and make your new place feel like home. Enjoy your new life chapter in Pompano Beach.

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