Ohio vs Pennsylvania – cost of living comparison

If you are trying to decide Ohio vs Pennsylvania, you should make a pro and con list for both. Having written down everything will help you decide. Cost of living is an important factor and that should be amongst the first things on your list. Some states or cities look great on paper but costs of living are way too high and people can’t afford a nice life there. That is simply not worth it. You want to choose the best place and you want it to be affordable. So, let’s compare these two.

Grocery prices Ohio vs Pennsylvania

This is important because you will be going to the store almost daily. Let’s start with Ohio – a fresh loaf of bread is 2.11$. Local cheese 1lb is 5.67$. White rice is 1.80$. Overall in Ohio grocery prices are a bit lower than the national average but not way lower. Food is getting more expensive but that is happening all over the world, not just in Ohio. In Pennsylvania, a loaf of fresh bread is 2.72$. White rice is 1.72$. Grocery prices are quite similar, just below the national average.

Learn all about grocery prices. This is an important part since you will be doing grocery shopping daily.

Housing prices Ohio vs Pennsylvania

Housing prices are pretty affordable and way below the national average in both of these states. You will be able to afford a nice big house in both states but in Ohio are a bit cheaper. Of course, that is depending on which part of the state are you going for. Rural areas are always much cheaper.

A bridge
Ohio is a bit cheaper than Pennsylvania.

The overall cost of living comparison

When it comes to health care Penisilvanya is cheaper than Ohio. Ohio ranks better when it comes to quality of life. Utility prices are quite similar. Transportation prices are a bit cheaper in Ohio. Overall it’s cheaper to live in Ohio. If you are looking for an affordable unit for your stuff, you will look for the ones in Ohio.


Ohio tends to have a better score overall, and people mostly choose this state for their new home. If you plan on relocating here, think about hiring professional movers like zippyshellcolumbus.com to help you out with all the hard work. You can avoid all those boring chores like packing, planning, heavy lifting, and driving.


This state can also be a great place for you and your family. As long as you do a bit of research before and find the best place for your new home. The best way to find a good house for you is to hire a real estate agent but you can also go house hunting online using websites like Zillow. If you start planning early on you will be able to get some good places for a good price. It’s all about looking and taking a chance when it comes.

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