Moving to Hong Kong to teach: all you need to know

Hong Kong is a place full of opportunities. With over 7 million inhabitants it is a diverse place with a lot to offer. This is the reason many people from all over the world are moving here. A diverse and booming economy and plenty of job opportunities make it a promised land. To be clear, at the same time, people find Hong Kong intimidating. But, finding your way here and moving overseas can be easy if you prepare. So, if you are considering moving to Hong Kong to teach, there is a lot to know. So let’s see about a few things to know.

What to expect from Hong Kong

Hong Kong can proved you with a lot. There are almost endless opportunities and chances here that you can take. Here are a few things you can expect from Hong Kong even before you move that might surprise you.

  • Work opportunities are plentiful. The economy of this city is stable and on the rise. As such it has plenty of different fields that offer great career prospects to quite a lot of people. So, working here is the main reason people choose to move here.
  • It is a great place for families. Although a city of millions it may not seem to be a good place for raising a family. However, the number and diversity of the population also mean plenty of different educational and schooling opportunities from elementary to high education. This is great for families with children.
  • It offers a high quality of life. The diverse culture and plentiful cultural events make this a place with a lot to offer regarding social everyday life. it is a safe city offering a fairly peaceful and calm lifestyle to its inhabitants.
  • It has diverse and colorful surroundings. Hong Kong is a city surrounded by beautiful mountains and beaches. The surroundings are great for exploring and enjoying once you decide the city is simply too much.

So, it is clear that Hong Kong is an interesting place to set your sights on. All of these reasons are enough to make you call Relosmart Movers to start organizing your move here.

A calendar - making as schedule is crucial for moving to Hong Kong to teach
Prepare well before moving to Hong Kong to teach

Moving to Hong Kong to teach

Any overseas move is not that easy. It is a complex process with a lot to prepare and organize well in advance. This activity presumes that you go through certain steps to ensure the success of this move.

  • Plan the move in detail
  • Decide on the moving date
  • Analyze the budget for your move
  • Decide about the things you will move
  • Handle the paperwork

Plan the move

The crucial thing for an easy move is a good plan. Any move demands a certain degree of planning. However, overseas moves are usually the most difficult to manage so planning in advance is of crucial importance. This is key for moving success and making the move relaxed and stress-free. First of all, you should take a lot of time to plan and organize each step of the move. This preparation can last for months so take your time. During this time make a detailed list of things you have to take care of and organize. Break them down and alot the timeframe to complete each of them. Based on this make a detailed schedule of the activities you have to manage.

A detailed plan and schedule will help you out in two crucial ways. They will allow you to keep track of all of the activities. In this way you won’t miss out on any important thing you have to do. Secondly, they will allow you to keep track of the activities and notice any issues that may arise. Getting behind on certain activities like packing can jeopardize your whole moving process. The schedule will help identify any issues and allow you to solve them in time.

Time to move

Define the right time for your move. Traditionally summer is the time for moving. However, this is the time when movers are the busiest which can present you with a lot of problems. Finding good quality, and trustworthy movers during the moving season can prove to be impossible. The process might also be higher at this time. So, deciding to move in fall or spring might be a better alternative. First, the weather is milder and the temperatures are lower. Also, movers are easier to find and they might be inclined to provide some incentives in the form of discounts or lower prices for moving off-season.

Person holding money
Consider your moving budget before you start a move

Moving budget

Define your moving budget. An overseas move can be an expensive one so it takes some effort to figure out the cost. Do your research and try to get a quote from a trustworthy moving company. This will be a good basis for your moving budget estimation.

Decide what you are moving

With the budget in mind also consider what you will be moving. Relocating furniture can be expensive and impractical. Moving things that you don’t need, use, or can easily replace is also irrational as it will only increase the cost of moving. So, make sure to declutter and sort out the things you will really need and have to move to Hing Kong.


Relocating to Hong Kong for work is not uncommon and there are strict procedures to go through to be able to work here. You should take your time to get your paperwork in order. So, get your work visa sorted out before you can move in to work as a teacher in Hong Kong. If you are moving with your family you should always take the time to sort your family members’ documents. So, make sure to get informed about the requirements and what you need to do to great everything in order.

A street in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a diverse and interesting place

A short summary

Moving to Hong Kong to teach can seem intimidating but it does not have to be. All this type of move requires is proper preparation and planning. Knowing what to do is of paramount importance so get informed and learn more about this process.


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