Moving from Philly to Pasadena, how to mentally prepare for the journey

Moving from Philly to Pasadena is a big change. With this kind of cross-country move, both you and your family will experience a huge change in lifestyle. First of all, the states and cities could not be more different from each other. At the same time, this is a big move. Note that long-distance relocation can take a great toll and cause severe stress and anxiety. Luckily there are ways to tackle this issue. Moving does not have to be that stressful if you know what you are doing. Making a good preparation and moving plan can alleviate a lot of the stress. Also during the moving preparation, you can take a look and research your Pasadena destination. This will also help adapt more quickly.

Pasadena – what you should know about the place

Moving to Pasadena is a great decision if you want to be away from LAs hustle and bustle. The place is perfect for having fun, shopping, and experiencing the culture. Pasadena is very beautiful and it’s known for elegant neighborhoods, lots of history and architecture. Pasadena is hip and a place of sophisticated arts, and great weather. Proximity to LA allows you to quickly change your surroundings and experience the rush of a bigger city and also quickly retreating to a calmer environment. One of the biggest changes that you will experience when moving from Philly to Pasadena is the change in the pace of life and also the weather.

Town hall in Pasadena
Pasadena has a great history, culture, and some of the most beautiful architecture

However, Pasadena is not that ideal. Like any place, it has its pros and cons. Before you call your Good Neighbors Moving Company to arrange for your relocation be sure to learn about them more. Here are some of the upsides of Pasadena:

  • Great weather
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Culture, education, shopping
  • Proximity to both mountains and the sea

And some of its downsides:

  • Bad traffic
  • High living costs
  • High taxes and
  • High crime rates in certain areas.

The weather and nature

Pasadena weather is great. It is usually very hot and similar to LA. However, Pasadena does not get too hot over the year and experiences colder winters than LA. So, you will certainly need to organize your relocation and packing in a way to prepare for the freezing winters in Philadelphia. This kind of weather is caused by its location that is also a benefit of Pasadena.

Many people are moving from Philly to Pasadena to get easy access to LA
Pasadena is close and well connected to LA making it easy to commute for work there

Mountains and skiing fun are not too far away from Pasadena. But, you can just as easily enjoy a day at the beach if you want to. The town is located in a beautiful area with great nature and offers great scenery and views to enjoy.

Culture, education, and shopping

At the same time, Pasadena is a place of culture and arts. There are many museums to enjoy including the museum of arts. At the same time, the towns have some of the greatest architecture to visit at enjoy. At the same time, schooling here is great. Private schools are great and highly treated and offer a great education. Higher education is also well developed here with Caltech leading in this area. There are also many colleges here so the educational opportunities are impressive.

Crime, cots of living and taxes

Unfortunately, moving from Philly to Pasadena has also its downsides. Crime was once a big problem here but now it is under control. However, there are some areas that are still hotspots for crime. The cost of living in Pasadena is also not its strong suit. The prices especially in housing are well above the average. The taxes also. So it seems that living in Pasadena is not that affordable. You might have to settle for a smaller place until you can get your bearings.

Until you can afford a larger home find storage a facility and secure a unit for extra items you don’t have room for. However, if you consider that the job market is strong and that the economy is booming you can conclude that that is not the case. Salaries and household income are also higher than average making living in Pasadena easy.


One of Pasadena’s strong suits is its walkability. You do not have to use your car and there are also alternatives. However, when you start driving the problem of traffic becomes obvious. The traffic can be bad and the parking situation is not great. Still, driving makes LA downtown easily accessible, and driving there is convenient.

Moving from Philly to Pasadena – the way to prepare

So once you know about Pasadena you should decide if it is the right place for you. If you think it is worth the move you should start your preparation. Such a long-distance move is very complex and can cause anxiety. It needs good planning and mental preparation. Doing this preparation in time will contribute to the moving process and make the relocation successful. Make sure to find assistance as professionals can help you settle in quickly and easily once you move.


Planning is the key in moving preparation. making a plan will set your mind at ease and help you through the moving chaos. You should make a list of all the things that have to be completed and organize it on a week-by-week schedule.

Caltech may be a reason for moving from Philly to Pasadena
Pasadena has a great schooling system and good higher education institutions

It will help you get the whole picture of your move and make it easy to manage it. It should encompass everything from decluttering, packing, insurance, transport to finding the right local movers or storage unit. Go through your preparation slowly and choose the services that you will require with careful consideration.

Time to say goodbye

Having some time with your friends and family is also important. Make sure to organize a party or simply go out with them. These precious moments to say farewell will help you emotionally and mentally for your relocation. It will make it easier to accept the inevitability of change that will happen once you move.

Change is good

Make sure to be good to yourself. Try to alleviate stress as much as possible and make sure moving doesn’t cause too many sleepless nights. Make sure you are hydrated and that you eat well during your preparation and move. Understand that most times a change will do you good so try to accept it and relax through the process.

So, moving from Philly to Pasadena is complex but it is manageable. Just make sure you prepare for your relocation and be mentally prepared for the stress of the move and the change you will experience.

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