Moving day preparations timeline

Planning and facilitating a move is an annoyance and pretty much a guaranteed stress trigger. All those moving day preparations are tiring. However, everything can be much easier to handle if you start your moving day preparations well in advance.  So, follow our moving timeline and ease up on the stressful front.

8 weeks before moving day

It is time to get organized. Start downsizing and getting rid of things that you do not need. You can donate or sell, whatever your choice is. Just start decluttering. Also, start contacting moving companies and ask for estimates.

7 weeks before moving day

Start packing things that aren’t your essentials. Use the right packing materials, since you want to protect your belongings as much as possible. Have you finished downsizing? If not, this is the time to finalize that task.

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By using our timeline, you will finish all moving tasks and you will feel more at ease during your move.

6 weeks before moving day

As your moving day preparations, it is time to handle your paperwork and records. Make sure your kids’ school paperwork is in order and they are ready to go. In addition to that, visit your family doctor and get copies of your medical charts. You can never be cautious enough with your health.

Weeks 5 and 4 before moving day

Continue packing. You might think that you do not have a lot of stuff. Yet, when you roll up your sleeves and dive into it, it usually proves to be the opposite. Pack little by little so you do not fall behind. Now it is time to take care of your utilities and get them switched from your old place to your new place. This way your new home will be prepared once you have arrived. Last but not least, communicate with your landlord and get back that security deposit. You can use every penny during this move.

3 weeks before moving day

An important part of moving day preparations are arrangements for your pets and kids. Thus, if you need to arrange sitters, this is the perfect time to do it. Once you are done with this task, make sure your new address is updated with your bank, insurance, UPS, etc.

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As hard as the move is for you, it can be even harder on your kids. Make appropriate arrangements for them so they can be occupied and out of the movers’ way during moving day.

2 weeks before moving day

It is time to pack and label everything in sight. In case you are behind with packing, packing tips for a last-minute move will help and step on it. You do not have much time left on the moving clock.

1 week before moving day

Hopefully, by now you have landed reliable movers. Now is the perfect time to reconfirm that they are booked. It doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side. Also, pack a little bag or box of things that you will need once you arrive at your new home.

1 day before the move

Wow, moving day is right around the corner. This is the time to keep all important documents related to your move somewhere close. Somewhere where they are easily reachable. Clean and clear out everything that you can and get plenty of rest for moving day.

Moving day!

The time has come to see how your moving day preparations will pan out. Do your best to be with your movers. Make sure everything is loaded and unloaded from the moving vehicle. Since you have prepped long and hard it is very likely that you will have a great moving day. Don’t forget to tip your movers once the job is done. Happy moving day!

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