Mistakes most people make when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida

Relocating from one place to another is not as simple as many people believe because it is a complex process that requires certain steps. Especially if a long-distance daily relocation is in question because it means more responsibility which causes stress to most people. However, this article can help you avoid the most common mistakes that people make when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida.

People do not organize well and on time moving from Pennsylvania to Florida

First of all, many people prefer doing everything at the last minute which is not a good thing when a state-to-state move is in question. We are aware of how many times you read or heard this, but the organization is really the key to a successful relocation process with your loved ones. You need to make sure that you cover everything, step by step, from finding a new home to packing organization. Create different lists with tasks. For example:

  1. Hiring a realtor to sell our current house in Florida
  2. Cleaning our current place
  3. Decluttering

and so on until you write down absolutely everything that you have to do. Then, you should create individual packing lists for each member of your family. This will be very useful if you want to include your children in the process if they are old enough to pack their belongings, of course. Example:

Molly’s packing list

  • Wardrobe
  • Shoes
  • Plush toys
  • Books
  •  Board games
  • Dolls

Crucially, you should start using your planner for this purpose months prior to your move from Pennsylvania to Florida.

Planning is necessary when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida.
Many avoid using planners when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida.

Many avoid hiring professional moving assistance

The second mistake that many people make when relocating from Pennsylvania to Florida is avoiding hiring a professional moving company. This is due to many reasons, and the most usual ones are the belief that their move will be more expensive if they do this and the fear of lack of control. To be more precise, some people are worried about letting others do certain tasks because they believe that they can do them better. Also, some are scared to give permission to complete strangers to take care of their family move because they believe that is only their responsibility and duty to make their family members safe.

These reasons are wrong and can result in making mistakes and creating the whole moving process from one state to another more stressful for their loved ones and themselves. To begin with, avoiding hiring experts can cost you more money, time, and even your health. This is due to carrying large and heavy objects. Furthermore, it is not smart to reject professional help because of certain patriarchal values and beliefs that are harming both women and men. Therefore, reach out to specialists and hire local movers to help you to move into your new Florida family home. 

Some are hesitant to ask for help moving from Pennsylvania to Florida

Thirdly, some people can be hesitant to ask for help from their friends and neighbors because they do not want to take their time and energy. This is very considerate and polite, however, has it crossed your mind that these people would gladly help you and spend some more time with you before you move? If your answer is affirmative, then you should simply call them right now. Also, you can prepare sandwiches and pizza for all of you to enjoy during your breaks. Importantly, having dear people by your side will reduce the stress and anxiety about changing your address and having a new beginning.

People do not buy or rent a new home earlier

The fourth mistake that people make when moving from one state to another in general, not only from Pennsylvania to Florida is not buying or renting a new place earlier. This is a very important thing to do, especially if you have children and pets. They should arrive at a safe environment to feel secure right away instead of spending time in motels. Plus, staying in hotels and similar places will cost you more when you calculate everything. So, before you hire experienced people like those behind Big Man’s Moving Company, hire a professional real estate agent.

Many people who are moving for work to Florida do not buy or rent a home in advance.

Many do not pack in a practical way moving from Pennsylvania to Florida

The fifth mistake that the majority of people make every time they are moving is the lack of packing organization. They simply do not feel like creating packing lists or spending time on providing good and appropriate packing supplies for their items. Moreover, many are not separating different items and do not bother even to mark the boxes. This is especially problematic when it comes to transporting containers with sensitive objects. So, make sure to do everything mentioned above to avoid complications when moving with our family from Pennsylvania to Florida.

Do not be lazy to provide appropriate containers for your belonging when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida.


To conclude, there are many mistakes most people make when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida. Lack of organization is one of them and it refers to not using your planner to create different checklists. And not starting with them on time. Avoiding hiring true moving experts can easily be the most dangerous mistake on this list. Being hesitant to ask for help is also something many people are guilty of. Importantly, some do not even rent or buy their new home in Florida before they move there with a whole family. Finally, a practical way of packing is also something that many forget when preparing for their relocation to a different state.

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