How to make more storage space in your kids’ room

No matter how big your home is, your kids would always need some extra space. Their toys are everywhere, and they keep running around preoccupied with their games. That’s why you should try to turn their own room into their new favorite place. Learn how to make more storage space in your kids’ room and maximize their playing area.

1. Multiple usage beds

Although beds may seem like they can be used for sleeping only, there are some great ideas about how you can turn them into a storage place, too. Take some colorful baskets or big boxes, and place them under your kid’s bed. That can be an excellent solution for storing toys and stuffed animals children often play with. It is easily accessible and there will be no mess on the floor. On the other hand, if you are in the process of organizing your first relocation, and settling down in a new home, be smart when buying kids’ furniture. Remember that beds with built-in storage or drawers can be a pretty good choice. You can use them as small closets for clothes or as a place to keep winter jackets or coats.

There are some children playing with toys on the floor.
Don’t worry about the mess.

2. Use different shelves and make more storage space in your kids’ room

When you are choosing furniture for your home you want it to be both beautiful and practical. Now, in the case of kids’ rooms, there is nothing that can save your space more than a well-made set of shelves. And the best thing is you don’t have to spend your money on some expensive pieces. You can simply make them by yourself. Improvise with several storage cubbies, or set some crates and boxes on the sides to make a nice shelf. You’ll get a perfect place for children’s books and bigger toys. However, if you still have some smaller toy pieces you need to store, take some baskets and put them in the cubes to make an improvised drawer.

3. Storage  and seatings

Everybody hates the last-minute decluttering, where they need to decide what to get rid of. Your children’s broken toys may be the first ones to be hit. But what if those are their favorites? We have an idea for you. Find several different size baskets or bins with tops. Make your kids nice storage units for their toys. It would be easy for kids to use them, and when the game is over, just gather all the mess in the bins, and close them with lids. What’s more, if you add some cushions to the tops, you will get some nice additional seatings your kids would love.

There is a kind of shelf with wicker baskets, and there are a globe and a picture on it.
Be creative and practical.

An extra tip

As a parent, you probably struggle to make more storage space in your kids’ room for their clothes too. Wardrobes are excellent solutions, but they sometimes turn into a real mess. This can be solved by sorting clothes and shoes in baskets and bins before you put them in closets. This won’t take long and it can be really useful.

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