How to find an apartment in NYC remotely

Are you moving to NYC soon? Part of every moving process is to find a place where you will live. Moving to another city may be complicated when it comes to searching for apartments. The best solution is to already have a place when moving. This way, you don’t need to stay in a hotel or B&B while looking for a home where to live in. Find an apartment in NYC remotely, now is easy because a lot of information you can get online. It is possible to find a home in a city where you do not live.

Where to start

If you live currently in PA and want to live in NY, do online research and see the offer. Choose what is better for you, Philadelphia or NYC? Both of these cities are beautiful, it depends only on you where you want to live. Packing and transporting are not the only tasks you need to do before moving.

One of the first steps is to choose a location in NYC where to live. It is a big city with 5 boroughs. Most people choose a place near their job and of course, within a budget. Rent is not cheap in New York City, as you already know. The median rent per month is $3,000. This is why many people have a roommate. To split the costs.

Street in NYC where to find an apartment in NYC.
NYC is big, and you first need to choose a neighborhood where you want to live

Find an apartment in NYC remotely

Looking for an apartment is a must if you are moving after divorce or because of a new job offer, or simply, you want to try something new. Where to start, how to choose? Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost everything is online now. Social distancing is very important and when you don’t have to go out, it is safer to be at home. The current pandemic is not the only reason for looking for an apartment remotely. When people are coming from another state, it is the only option.

Note that if you need something urgently after you moved to NYC, air freight is always an option. Your items can be where they should in just a couple of days. Even if you have moved overseas. But before packing, unpacking, transporting, you need to know where you will live.

Research NYC real estate market

What NYC has to offer you when it comes to the real estate market and of course, what are the prices. It is not a secret that NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the USA, so you are already prepared for those finances, probably. By researching the local market you will know the average home prices, available homes for rent, typical homes, etc. Also, figure out what the rental process looks like.

An image that symbolizes how to find an apartment in NYC remotely.
Know how to find an apartment in NYC remotely

Identify your needs

What apartment you need and where? Yes, there are ways a smart home can simplify your life, and having an apartment that is functional and practical is a big advantage. Be realistic about your apartment hunt and know what is in your price range.

Find a reliable agent

To find an apartment in NYC remotely, you must enlist a broker. Since you are not able to see an apartment in person, a real estate agent will stand in your place, so you need to trust him/her completely (referrals are always a safe bet).

Virtual tours

Luckily, you can see the entire apartment in NYC with virtual tours. In the past few years, this type of home tour is getting more and more popular, especially now, during the coronavirus pandemic. Walkthrough videos are crucial now  – some realtors will post online videos on some online platform or he/she will make a live call. Most agents seemed perfectly happy to supply a video because it is a win-win situation. Yes, nothing can replace seeing a home in person, but this is the best replacement.

Tips for a virtual home tour:

  • Don’t watch a tour alone, it is better to have someone with you. Have another set of eyes.
  • Ask to see out the windows to know what direction does the unit face.
  • Use street view to see the street where the apartment is. To find an apartment in NYC that is perfect for you, you need to research the environment too.
  • Confirm all the details on the listing.
  • Ask if there are any constructions around. If there is, then be prepared for noise.

Get your paperwork and finances in order

After finding an agent, know what information landlords expect from potential tenants (you). This list might be lenghty because the market in NYC is competitive. Pay stubs, credit checks, bank statements, etc.

How to move from PA to NY?

After finding an apartment in NYC, it is time to organize a relocation. The easiest and safest way for an interstate relocation is to contact professionals in the field and hire them to help you with moving. Moving from PA to NY can be exhausting, hard, emotional, complicated, fun, everything at the same time.

A pc monitor.
After choosing a place, organize your relocation

You can also search for movers online. Of course, you need to verify them and make sure they are reliable and experienced. But, the internet can help you. All reliable moving companies are licensed, and you can check them with the US DOT number. Also, online moving reviews for past clients can help too. Of course, only if you read real reviews, not fake ones. Get recommendations for friends, family, or a real estate agent.


As you can see, it is not too complicated to find an apartment in NYC remotely. In the era of the internet, it is easy. You need a realtor that has the experience and knows the NYC real estate market. Maybe you will have a hard time finding the perfect place for yourself but be prepared for compromises. In NYC you must do it, especially if your budget is not that big. Rent is a major expense here.

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