How and what to pack for a move from Pennsylvania to Mississippi

If you are planning a move from Pennsylvania to Mississippi we are here to help you with one aspect of your upcoming relocation. The most boring and difficult one – packing. But packing is a crucial part. Because if you pack correctly you will be able to unpack easily. That is very important because when you do arrive at your new destination you will probably be tired. And yet, you will still need to unpack. That is the real reason why it’s important to pack smart. Also to make sure that all your belongings are safe and sound on the road during relocation.

Before you start with the packing

Before you start with the whole packing process there is something you need to do. You need to declutter. That way you won’t be bringing any unnecessary items to Mississippi. Also, if you make a garage sale or sell all those items you no longer use you can earn some money. If you make enough for packing materials you are winning this packing game. Make sure to have enough time for decluttering because sometimes it can take more than a day. That’s because we all collect items over the year and then stop using them so they become dust collectors. Now is the time to get rid of them. So, take your time, maybe even make a list and start decluttering. You will feel so much better when you are done and everything will look easier.

A woman packing her clothes for the move from Pennsylvania to Mississippi
Decluttering is your first step!

Preparing packing materials is important for your move from Pennsylvania to Mississippi

We are still on the “preparing for packing”. That’s because preparations are half the work. When you do it right everything else is much easier. So, what you need next are packing materials. Moving boxes need to be of good quality. Or you can consider renting plastic bins. That can also be a good solution. For breakable items, you will be needing some packing paper and bubble wrap to keep them safe during relocation. Bubble wrap is perfect for this task. Of course, if you do not wish to use materials that can not decompose easily think about recycling. You can wrap your breakables in linens, clothes, and such. That will also keep them safe but it’s better for the environment.

Downloading moving apps to help you with your move from Pennsylvania to Mississippi

This is not a crucial part but it can be helpful. There are apps you can download for free that can help you out when it comes to preparing for relocation and packing. You can make checklists there, some of them have alarms or can even help you find movers near you. But be very careful when choosing movers to help you out. You need reliable ones that will make sure that you get the best possible moving experience like Spyder Moving can.

A woman checking her mobile phone while working on a laptop
Use all the help you can get, especially if it’s free.

Packing with kids and what to bring and what you can leave behind

If by a chance you are relocating with kids then you can involve them in this process as well. Naturally, babies won’t be of any help. But toddlers and older ones can help out. Teenagers especially. That way they will feel important and like they are contributing to this relocation. When it comes to leaving something behind if by a chance you are outgrowing baby bottles just about now – now is your chance. Leave them behind. Bring only straw cups and sippy cups. Let this be an end to a few chapters of your life. When it comes to older kids, they can declutter too. Give them a piece of paper and tell them to make a list of what they want to bring and what they no longer use. This is all part of growing up. Make sure to be understanding and patient. If you have too many household items to relocate maybe you should consider renting storage.

Packing for your move from Pennsylvania to Mississippi

When the time comes to start packing make sure that you pack all breakable items first. Also, make sure to label all the boxes. You need to know what is each box containing. That is going to simplify unpacking later on. Don’t forget to add a FRAGILE sticker to all the boxes containing fragile and easily breakable items. That will help the movers. They will know to be extra careful with those boxes and later on, you will unpack them first. One good tip we have for you is to pack by a room. Start with the kitchen since that room contains most of your breakables and work your way up. If you have pets, you need to pack them too!

Hiring professional movers

Hiring professional movers to help you with all the aspects of relocation is always a smart idea. Especially if you are in a rush or you need to handle babies instead of packing and such things. They can also deal with logistics and simplify the whole process of relocation to Mississippi. They do this quite often so they can give you some useful tips too! It’s important to know everything about this relocation before you decide on it.

A handshake
Movers can help you with all the aspects of relocation starting from packing.

Moving day

Moving day is probably the most hectic of them all. There is a lot of things that need to be done in one day. When it comes to packing, it’s important to pack one bag that will be just for this day. This is a bag that will be containing all the necessities that you need to have near you so you don’t have to look around or stop and buy. You want to pack in this bag a spare set of clothes, keys, meds, food, drinks, wet wipes, and similar necessities that you will most likely use on the road. Most of them you can buy at the gas station but why do it when you can think ahead and prepare everything that you will need.

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