Hottest neighborhoods in Philadelphia

If you want to relocate to one of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia, then you are just in the right place. Here, you will find some of the greatest places in this city where many people are moving to in recent years.


The first place in Philadephia that we highly recommend is Fishtown. This neighborhood does not have great schools but is excellent when it comes to entertainment. For all young people who are single, Fishtown can be the best choice where they can move with professional help in Pennsylvania. This neighborhood is famous for its:

  • music
  • arts
  • nightlife

Nightlife in this neighborhood is amazing and if you are interested in music and art you should definitely consider renting or buying an apartment here.


The second neighborhood in this city that is pretty great is Fairmount. This place has interesting museums and it is excellent for all who love history. Moreover, parks in Fairmount are amazing and perfect for relaxation and recreation on weekends or early in the mornings. Plus, here you can find great stores where you can shop and very nice coffee shops and restaurants. If you chose to move to this Philadelphia neighborhood, try to find a moving team that is reliable like the people behind Stellar Movers

Northern Liberties

The third location in Philadelphia that is amazing is Northern Liberties. If you love animals and art, this can easily be the best choice. Northern Liberties has numerous restaurants and cafes that are pet-friendly and magical art galleries.

Cat sitting in one of the neighborhoods in Philadelphia
Northern Liberties is one of the pet-friendly neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

Old City

The fourth place in Philadelphia where you can buy or rent a flat is Old City. This neighborhood is very safe, pretty walkable, and not boring at all. It is peaceful with many museums and wonderful places for having lunch or dinner with friends.

Rittenhouse Square

The fifth neighborhood in Philadelphia on our list is Rittenhouse Square. It is very beautiful and charming because of its old-fashioned look and homes from the 19th century. Furthermore, this neighborhood is well-known for its many nice bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Rittenhouse Square attracts many young people who either go to college or who have recently graduated and work.

There are nice cafes in all neighborhoods in Philadelphia.
Rittenhouse Square has beautiful and cozy coffee shops.

Chose one of these neighborhoods in Philadelphia

Finally, to sum up, there are many excellent neighborhoods in Philadelphia that attract great numbers of people to move here. One of these wonderful places is Fishtown which is perfect for the young because of the entertainment and nightlife. Also, there is Fairmount where many who are interested in art and history prefer to relocate with their loved ones. Next is Northern Liberties with many excellent cafes and restaurants that are pet friendly. Therefore, this Philadelphia neighborhood is perfect for people with cats and dogs. Furthermore, Old City is an excellent choice for all who prefer peaceful and safe places. And, last but not the least, Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia is offering very charming homes and wonderful locations for going out.


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