Guide to shipping from Saudi Arabia to Pennsylvania

If you are shipping from Saudi Arabia to Pennsylvania, you should know a few things. The process is not that simple as there are restrictions and particular rules for imports and shipping. If you need anything shipped to Pennsylvania from SA then you should do your research and study the rules, procedures, prices, and shipping companies. As there are some special regulations you really should consult our guide to shipping from Saudi Arabia.

Choose the right shipping partner

As there are strict customs and shipping rules you should find the right company to handle all of your shipping needs. You should find a partner that can cover all of the services you require. A good shipping company will easily handle transporting all sorts of goods as cargo. They will also track your shipments and be available to you at moments notice 24/7. The company that provides a quality service will be equipped and able to handle both imports, exports, and moving services. They will also be able to handle all of the customs procedures and provide guides for adequate shipping preparations. A good company will also provide or mediate in providing additional services such as storage of the items during the shipping process.

A cargo ship at a dock being loaded.
International shipping from Saudi Arabia to Pennsylvania may seem overwhelming but it really is not.

Make sure that you do proper research and investigate potential shipping companies. Investigate online reviews, inquire into licenses and certificates, inquire about insurance, and their capacities. A reputable international moving and shipping company like will pass this inquiry with flying colors. Once you find the right company, get a quote and you will be able to start shipping from SA to US and Pennsylvania.


International shipping is complex. With a lot of rules and regulations that you must count on you should research. Whether you are moving or you are in the import/export business you must find and study every guide to shipping from Saudi Arabia. If this will be your first move try preparing adequately for it. In short, here are some of the points you should know and research further:


There are certain restrictions regarding what is permitted for shipping from Saudi Arabia to Pennsylvania and the US. You cant import:

  • Animals or animal products
  • Chemicals and cosmetics
  • Food and beverages, especially GMO food products
  • Cigarettes and
  • medication and medical devices (prescriptions for any medication is necessary)


In addition, you must have certain documentation to pass through the customs. The customs procedures require you to have:

  • A valid passport, visa, and insurance is a must
  • Health certificates and proof of employment
  • Complete inventory list and prices for each product
  • Vehicle Documentation (if you are transporting a vehicle)

    Man pushing a box on a dolly.
    Make sure your package will survive the international trip and handling all the way to its final destination


When packing for overseas shipping or an international move you should pay attention to packing. Find out about every packing tip and trick to protect your fragile belonging during overseas shipping. Keep in mind that your packages will have to survive in different extreme conditions. They will also spend some time in storage and customs so protect them well. You must know that some carriers won’t accept packages that are not packed to survive the journey.

So, international shipping is complicated but it is manageable. Just consult this guide to shipping from Saudi Arabia to the US and Pennsylvania and you won’t have to stress and worry about it.

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