Golden rules for unpacking after a move from NYC to Pennsylvania 

Organizing a move is not a small task, and the final part of a move is unpacking. Unpacking is the most uncomplicated task in the relocation process. However, for it to be the simples task, you have to have done everything right before arriving in your new home. That is why we are quickly going to talk about how to pack. And then about our golden rules for unpacking after a move from NYC to Pennsylvania. Let’s begin. 

Packing, labeling, and loading the moving truck 

There are three things you need to do to make your unpacking process comfortable. 

The first thing is packing correctly. For successful packing, the right containers are the key, and those are plastic bins. They are sturdier than cardboard boxes and are more efficient because you can reuse them. When you have the right boxes, you need to pack things by room and pay attention that the plastic bins have similar items inside. Make sure to set aside essential containers that have items that you will use right away. 

a man sealing a card board box
If you want your unpacking after a move from NYC to Pennsylvania to go smoothly, you need to pack correctly.

The second thing you need to do is label every box. If you followed our tips about packing by room and that the boxes should have the same items, labeling won’t be a problem. Grab a marker and write on a piece of paper the room and the items inside the box. When you have completed that, you only need to tape it. 

Finally, now that you know how and what to pack and how to label, loading the truck is the only thing left. Now, if you are loading items alone, which we do not recommend, put the items of less importance to your daily life first in the truck. The one that you use the most should be last in the moving truck. If you hired movers, explain to them how they should load the moving truck. 

If you follow the three steps above, your unpacking process will be a lot less complicated. 

Unpacking after a move from NYC to Pennsylvania – the essentials boxes 

The first item you should unpack is your essential boxes. If you have followed our tips on packing, you should have a couple of them. They should have been the last in your moving truck and the first to come out. In them should be toiletries, sheets, a change of clothes, and if you have everything labeled, you won’t struggle to find them. And if you used quality moving supplies from Capital City Bins NYC,  all your essential items should be intact. 

Unpacking after a move from NYC to Pennsylvania – how to do it 

Before you start unpacking, you have to decide how to do it. There are two ways

  • The first way is doing it all in one day, and unpacking after a move from NYC to Pennsylvania in a day can involve a lot of work. 
  • The second way is to do it over some time. You can decide how much time it will take, one week or two weeks, whatever makes you comfortable. 
a pink clock
Take your time with unpacking, and you won’t be stressed out.

The first way is for those who can not live in a messy place, even for a second. And the second way is for those who like to take their time and won’t worry about the mess. However, all of your unpacking will be more comfortable if you prepare your items properly with the best moving supplies. Moving supplies is what keeps your belongings from getting smashed while being transported from NYC to Pennsylvania. Here you can find eco-friendly moving supplies delivered right to your door. 

The first room should be the bedroom

When you arrive at your new place in Pennsylvania, you will need to get a good night’s rest after relocation from NYC, and that is why the bedroom should be the first room to unpack. And if you have everything labeled, this won’t take you a lot of time. You can also ask your movers to unpack your mattress and bed frame first, and you can take care of the rest of your bedroom the next day. 

The second room should be the bathroom

After the trip to Pennsylvania, you will need to use the bathroom immediately. But you won’t have to put in a lot of work. When it comes to the bathroom, there is not a lot of stuff. There is the shower curtain, the bathroom math, and your toiletries. You can completely unpack your bathroom in half an hour.  

Unpacking the kitchen 

The kitchen is the most friendly room for unpacking because you can unpack it by need. You won’t be cooking as soon as you arrive from New York City. So you can start the kitchen the next day. And as we said, do it by need. If you are planning to make dinner the next day with a pot or a pan, get it out. As the days pass, you will slowly start to cook more and need more cooking items. If you have everything labeled, you won’t struggle with finding them. Soon enough, you will have your whole kitchen set up, and it will feel like you have not done any work at all. 

 Unpacking after a move from NYC to Pennsylvania – the living room 

The great beast of unpacking is the living room. The living room is the most complex and tiring room to unpack because it has a lot of furniture. If you hired movers, they would have probably disassembled all the furniture that can be disassembled, and now you have to put it back together. Reassembling furniture can take a lot of time and cause you a lot of trouble. But if you do it over a few days, it won’t be so overwhelming. Besides the furniture, you will need to put up your tv set up. 

flat screen TV in a living room
The living room has a lot of parts and will take time to unpack.

Garage or shed 

Our final golden rule for unpacking after a move from NYC to Pennsylvania is about the garage or shed. You can use the same method as the kitchen and unpack as you need a specific item. And if you are moving into a smaller place, learn about how to deal with downsizing. Good luck with your unpacking!


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