Expanding your Kansas business to Pennsylvania – differences in business culture

It is every business owner’s dream to have the opportunity to expand their business. This only implies one thing and one thing only. Your business is doing so well that it is time to hit the ground running and conquer new territory. As great as that sounds, expanding to a new area often presents major challenges that aren’t easy to overcome. That is why expanding your Kansas business to Pennsylvania might not be as simple as you might have anticipated. But, even though your business growth might not be a breeze it is far from impossible. Here are a few tips that will help you develop your business in the Coal State.

Expanding your Kansas business will be a challenge

Moving to Pennsylvania can be rough for all sorts of business. Not being aware of cultural differences can severely jeopardize your firm’s transition. However, with our simple, but very effective tips, your expansion might turn into smooth sailing.

Build your reputation from the ground up

Your company’s reputation in Kansas might be impeccable. Unless you own a nationwide firm, you are a newcomer in PA. That is why you don’t have the luxury of being cocky or argent. Residents of Pennsylvania don’t look kindly upon such business relations. As a newcomer, work on building a solid network by being patient, polite, and customer-oriented. So, while shipping your belongings to PA and setting up your new business space, don’t forget to strategize on how to attract that new Quaker State business.

A guy purchasing something at a store.
As soon as you open a shop in PA, start working on building your customer base.

No homecourt advantage

While doing business in Kansas you can always bet on having the homecourt advantage. Nevertheless, when expanding your Kansas business to a different state, that ace in your pocket no longer plays a role. You will be an outsider coming in and expect to be treated as such. Especially in the beginning. Don’t be discouraged by this. Pennsylvanians will warm up to your business. But be prepared to put in the effort and to have lots of patience.

While you are at it make a good first impression  

From so many aspects a first impression is everything. That is why you must make sure you have a good marketing strategy in place to attract potential business. Once customers or clients come knocking on your door, have adequate staff to assist them. Consequently, put in place a qualified marketing team as well as your PA base employees.

Writing on the wall stating we like you too with a smily face at the end of it, a perfect reflection when Expanding your Kansas business.
Once Pennsylvanians grow fond of your services or product the sky will be the limit.

Hire professional movers when expanding your Kansas business

Expanding a business can only mean two things. You can set up shop from scratch or you can move one part of your Kansas business to Pennsylvania. In case you decide to move, hire professional commercial movers to relocate you. This way your relocation can be done swiftly and efficiently.


If you get an opportunity to expand your Kansas business to Pennsylvania, you should consider yourself very fortunate. Congratulations! You have managed to take your business to the next level. But before you dive into moving and hiring new staff, make sure you have researched the PA business culture very thoroughly. Only once you have done that you can start working on your expansion.

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