DIY move from Colorado to Philadelphia: plan the best route

The key to a successful move from Colorado to Philadelphia is just like with any other relocation – it’s all about preparation. Hiring professional movers is the easy way. But this can be pricy. Doing it on your own can be much cheaper. So, if you want to save some money you should DIY this move. If you prepare ahead and plan everything you will be just fine. If you are in a hurry then movers are better options of course. They are after all trained to do this quickly. Lets, see more about moving from Colorado to Philadelphia and plan the best route.

DIY move from Colorado to Philadelphia

There are many reasons for relocation. Some people are moving for a job. Others are looking for a better life. Philadelphia is getting very popular these days. That is partly because it is a big city, but it’s more affordable. Costs of living are very reasonable and so are the housing prices. This is something that you can really see in a big city. That is very attractive for some people. Depending on what kind of work you are looking for, Philly has many job opportunities.

Philadelphia is a beautiful city, you and your family will love it here.

What is Philadelphia known for?

Does Philadelphia cheesesteak sound familiar? Yes, you guessed it right. Philadelphia is known for its amazing food scene. This is just one of their many popular dishes. Philly cheesesteak is worldwide famous. Roast pork sandwich, tomatoes pie, scrapple, and Hoagies are also something people love to eat here. Also, transportation systems work perfectly here. This is good news for people that have to commute often.

Preparing for relocation

Start planning as soon as you are sure that you will be moving. Move from Colorado to Philadelphia can be great, but you need to be prepared on time. So start with something easily done. Decluttering can be the best first step. You should get rid of all unnecessary items. This way you won’t be bringing stuff you don’t even need to Philadelphia. You can sell items you no longer use or donate. Recycling is also a good option. People should think about being eco-friendly even when they are in the middle of that relocation hassle.

After you are done with getting rid of stuff you don’t need you can start with packing. It will be easier now. Prioritize and see what items are breakable. You need some plan for those. Bubble wrap can be a solid solution for breakables. But if you want to be more eco-friendly you should pack smaller breakable items in clothes and bigger ones in sheets along with pillows and such in order to be safe during relocation. Include all family members in the packing process ( except babies and toddlers of course ). If all this packing makes you overwhelmed don’t hesitate to seek assistance. Professional movers can help you and you will be done in no time. After all their job is to make your relocation easy.

Driving from Colorado to Philadelphia – plan the best route

Don’t just follow the road guides. Find the best route. If you are driving from Colorado, it will take over 20 hours. So, if you are traveling with kids or seniors make sure to make a lot of stops or even sleep somewhere so you can all rest. From Denver to Philadelphia the best route will take 26 hours. That is a very long drive, so make sure that you are well-rested. Also, you and your passengers (family members) can take turns driving if that is a possibility.

A person driving during a DIY move from Colorado to Philadelphia.
You are up for a long road trip.

Kids and seniors

Move from Colorado to Philadelphia will belong. Young people are usually fine as long as they take turns to stretch, eat and relax. But if you are traveling with kids or seniors this is a whole different process. That is the reason why people with many family members hire movers like Homegrown Moving Company. No matter what you choose, you need to bring some basics for the road like:

  • water and juices ( formula for the babies if necessary )
  • food and snacks for the road and stops
  • wet wipes for after the food and snacks and also for refreshment
  • medications and documents – keep them close by
  • some fun games for the kids or iPad so they can be entertained ( don’t bring books, reading in the car can cause car sickness)
  • spare clothes for everybody
  • blanket if it gets cold and you can use it to rest in nature during the road trip

Of course, those are just some basics that everyone needs, you will know what you and your family will be needed additionally.

Plan B

Even if you are not planning to sleep somewhere on the road, find some hotels in every state just in case someone gets sick or you get too tired. Having plan B is very important. Also, making plans for everything that can go wrong ( like a car or van breaking or running low on gas ) will make you feel more confidant and therefore relaxed.

A cup of coffee on a planner.
Planning ahead is the way to go.

Interstate relocation and safety

This is something many people often think about while preparing for interstate relocation. If you are fully vaccinated you don’t have to worry. But you should still think about others. Wearing masks in an overcrowded closed space is good. Washing your hands or at least sanitizing them with portable gel sanitizer is a good solution.

Moving day

Is your move from Colorado to Philadelphia just around the corner? Make sure that you are well rested for the moving day. Also, be very careful if you are doing some heavy lifting. There is no need to hurt yourself just because you are in a hurry. So be extra careful today.

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