Cities to consider if planning to move to New York this year

Well, when you decide to move to New York be sure that you know where you are moving to. New York is so much more than just the NYC or Big Apple. The state is big and has a lot to offer from mountain ranges to great nature, small towns, and the big cities that seem to be the center of the world. So, be clear about what you want before you start your move whether it is a local move or interstate.  There are many Cities to consider if planning to move to New York so make a list and do your research.

A little something about the state of New York

The New York state is a place of great diversity and opportunity. It is a proud place of great history and heritage, natural beauties, and wonders, and great opportunities. The state can offer everything, from big and crowded cities to small towns and cities that are quiet and charming. As such New York is perfect for family living and professionals seeking to build careers. New York is a state that is safe, offers great job opportunities and a lot of outdoor fun and activities. Although it’s expensive and can get cold in the winter it is a preferred destination for many moving cross country. So, if you are considering moving here get to know the state and research all of the best places to visit, things to enjoy, and cities to live in. Once you decide on where you would like to go, get in touch with Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYC to help you out in settling down here.

An old house
From bustling cities to quiet little towns New York state has everything to offer


Rochester is located on Lake Ontario and has a population of over a million people. Being far from NYC the city has a different atmosphere and is a great place to live. The city has a great healthcare system, good quality of life, and a good education system. It is a safe city with an open and, polite and welcoming community which makes it perfect for families moving to the state of New York


As a former industrial center, Buffalo has lost some of its appeal but it is still a popular place to live in. The average salaries are well above the national average. At the same time, affordability makes the city popular with more than a million people living there and more moving in cross-country. The communities in Buffalo are friendly open and welcoming with a lot of social gatherings and happenings all year round.

New Rochelle

New Rochelle is one of the safest cities in the state and it is one of the top cities to consider if planning to move to New York. It is a mix of urban and suburban feel offering great neighborhoods for everyone. from modern highrises to historical buildings and homes it has something for every family. Schools are top-notch, the food is great and nature and beaches are great. This is why whole families are relocating here to find their perfect sport in the Empire state. This is also where helpful teams are always available to provide you with any moving or storage service you might need. Besides the bustling downtown and thriving businesses, it is also a place of art, culture, and vibrant nightlife.

Buffalo skyline
Buffalo is a large business center with a particular character and warmth


Syracuse is definitely a city to consider when moving to New York. This city is a great choice, particularly for families. There are numerous outdoor activities, sports, and other activities to enjoy in Syracuse.


If you choose Albany you can expect to have a lot of job opportunities. This lively city is one of the best places in NY to live in. A strong economy is a reason for a strong job market and lots of career opportunities. Coupled with good healthcare, low crime rates, and good education this makes Albany one of the best places to move to especially for families with children.


Newburgh is the city that offers some of the best views of the Hudson River. It is a place that many people are moving into with their families and also relocating their businesses too. The city offers a relaxed atmosphere not far from NYC. Its inhabitants love to spend time in many local parks, restaurants, and bars. This is a place of culture, theaters, art, and great entertainment. People are friendly and accepting so it is easy to adapt to this new city. If you seek assistance in the neighborhood after you move you will get a helping hand from the citizens. Local movers can also provide any services that you might need.

New York City

Well, the Big Apple is synonymous with the state and you can’t ignore this as one of the cities to consider if planning to move to New York. New York City is notoriously expensive, crowded, and busy but the attraction of the city still brings in new residents. This is one of the most coveted cities in the world. It is a great place to do business and develop your career. Also, NYC is the place of continuous happenings and activity. It has a  lot of parks and great neighborhoods to live in. The diversity of the city is unparalleled. It is a place where many ethnicities, languages, and religions come to meet and make giving it character and making it unique. NYC is the melting pot of cultures and one of the best places to live in the whole state.

New York city is one of the cities to consider if planning to move to New York
Tour of the Empire State cities to move to cant be complete without NYC

So, moving to the state of NY can be a new and exciting experience. However, the state is a place of differences and there are many very different cities to consider if planning to move to New York. Make sure to research and you will surely be able to find the city, neighborhood, and community that is perfect for you in this great state.

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