Cities in Florida favorite among Pennsylvanian families

In case you have in mind moving from Pennsylvania to Florida with your loved ones soon, then you are just in the right place. In this article, you will read more about the cities in Florida that Pennsylvanian families adore and very often choose to move to and have a fresh start. Surely, after you finish with your research, you will have a more clear picture of certain places in this wonderful state and you will see which city is ideal for you and your family members.

Port Orange

First of all, there is Port Orange, a place in the Sunshine State not far from an amazing beach. Many people from Pennsylvania choose to move here with their spouses and children, especially the ones who love outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, biking, and others. Importantly, many young families or people who are planning to start a family soon opt for relocating to Port Orange in Florida because it is a pretty affordable location. Housing options are plenty and most of them are not too expensive. Other living costs like bills and food are pretty affordable as well. In addition, schools in Port Orange in the Sunshine State are very highly rated which is a very significant thing to note. After all, isn’t the education of your little ones one of the most important factors to consider when basing the decision on where to move?

Port Orange is among cities in Florida with amazing beaches.
Port Orange in Florida has a magical beach that Pennsylvanians love visiting whenever they have a chance.

Naples is one of the cities in Florida that people from Pennsylvania love

The second place to mention here is Naples. This city can boast of high incomes – higher than in most places in the Sunshine State! When it comes to other factors, educational opportunities are pretty good and people have an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful beaches. Restaurants in Naples are absolutely amazing with their atmosphere and very delicious food specialties, especially the ones that are very close to the beach. Also, housing options are great in Naples. In case you have in mind relocating here, check out 24/7 Logistics Services. Make no mistake, professional help is always important when it comes to moving house. Just make sure to do your online research patiently and calmly. Hire a company only when you are completely certain that they are reliable people who have all services that you really need when moving to one of the amazing places in Florida with a family. 

Sarasota is one of the best cities in Florida according to Pennsylvanian families

Thirdly, we have Sarasota in Florida. This place has a small-town vibe and beaches with white sand from your dream. When it comes to shopping, Sarasota has to offer malls and many great stores. Plus, it has restaurants with food from different cultures and amazing atmospheres. Every time when you go out for a meal with your loved ones will feel like an adventure here. Educational opportunities in Sarasota are pretty decent and parents are very satisfied during the years. Furthermore, this city in Florida has to offer many options for different outdoor activities which all young people with kids like. This place is very family-friendly and offers numerous options in all important fields. people from Pennsylvania who have moved here with their loved ones are very satisfied with their current lifestyle.

Among cities in Florida that are favorites among Pennsylvanian families is Sarasota. It has very good schools that parents find more than satisfying.

Pompano Beach

In the fourth pace, we have to mention Pompano Beach. A great number of families from Pennsylvania chose exactly this location for their fresh start and all of them are pretty happy about it. This place in Florida is safer than most other cities and has everything that can make a family life comfortable and fun. Family homes here are very beautiful and not too expensive. With a help of a good realtor, you can find the house of your dreams very quickly. Also, we strongly advise you to reach out to local experts. Moving into your new home in Pompano Beach in Florida can be very tiresome without experienced people by your side. 

Wellington is among the cities in Florida that are favorite among Pennsylvanian families

Furthermore, there is Wellington in Florida that Pennsylvanian families find wonderful. Persons who live and work here earn more than in other cities in the state which makes many people leave Pennsylvania more decisively.  An interesting fact about Wellington is its closeness to certain locations that are ideal for family outdoor activities. However, the con of living in this place in Florida is higher housing prices for both renting and buying a place.

Winter Springs

Finally, we have to mention Winter Springs, for it is a truly amazing place in the Sunshine State and among the favorites among the people from Pennsylvania. Young families love its school system and nice teachers. The great thing about Winter Springs is its proximity to theme parks that are perfect not only for family time but also for job opportunities. In addition, this place in Florida has many fall activities that kids adore. Houses can be more expensive than in other cities in the state but are very beautiful and spacious.

A family house.
Winter Springs has very spacious homes that people from Pennsylvania adore.


To sum up, there are very nice cities in Florida that are favorites among Pennsylvanian families. For example, Port Orange has a beach, and living here is affordable. Also, Naples has good schools and nice homes. Sarasota has many stores, restaurants, and white sand beaches. There is Pompano Beach, a safe place with affordable family houses. Moreover, Pennsylvanians love Wellington for numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. And, there is Winter Springs, a place with excellent schools that is close to theme parks. Each and every one of these locations in the Sunshine State is beautiful and special.

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